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    Post by Brigit on Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:20 am

    Born the oldest daughter to Lord and Lady Frey of the Twins near Riverrun. She was four years old when Anya was born, and seven when Thierry was born, Mother died only a short time after Thierry was born. Brigit has little memories of her mother but not many. She grew up with mostly her aunt and the family septa looking after the children. When Thierry was born and their Lord Father was sure he would live, he shipped Anya to the Sept where she was to learn to be a Septa.

    As a mere girl Lord Frey contracted with Lord Lannister that his oldest son Aidan should wed with her. Securing a bethrothal to Aidan Lannister for Brigit, he sent her to Lannisport to be a ward of the Lannister family until they wed when she was a woman grown. It was a political move on the part of Lord Frey to tie his house and holdings to the Lannister House and holdings, it worked out well for Lord Frey, and better even for Brigit.

    Lord Frey was always Brigit's hero. When mother died, we all grieved and became closer still from the grief of it. Being the oldest Brigit sometimes thinks he is harder on her than her sister and brother but she inherited his strength and his passion for life. She loves and is devoted to her family no matter what.

    When her 20th name day came it was time and she was escorted to the sept where the heir to the Lannister fortune awaited her at the altar. Moving them newly married to King's Landing, her new husband was swiftly named Hand of the King. Upon the old king dying, the infant Targaryen Jaeron, sick with the greyscales inherited the Iron Throne, with Aidan being his heir and Lord Protector.

    Shortly after their move Brigit gave birth to a heathly baby boy, Tristan Lannister.

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