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    Captain Arleon meets Kinds Justice


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    Captain Arleon meets Kinds Justice Empty Captain Arleon meets Kinds Justice

    Post by Velaria on Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:24 am

    [12:55] Dareon Clegane laughs, "A bastard born." He looks her up and down, "I am no Ser, I couldn't hold to the, oaths as it were..."
    [12:55] Niky Ansar: Most of the men in the north never take Knighthood either.
    [12:56] Dareon Clegane nods, "Men in the north also pray to trees..." He spits, "Tell me what you know of men in the North and who rules Winterfell?"
    [12:57] Niky Ansar: Lord Vayon Stark is the Lord of Winterfell and the Warden of the North. He is a goodly man.
    [12:57] Captain Arleon Cerwyn shrugs his shoulders a little as she treks through the snow making his way from the castle into the streets. He looks around a moment, seeing the people out and about on their normal daily activities. He hadn't seen the wolf for a couple days so he had begun to get a little worried about the beast, but worrying would serve no could. He moves towards the door to the tavern thinking to get a drink as he goes over some business he'd been working on pertaining to the guards, and the recent theft of missing supplies from the camp that had just been packed up the day before last. He grasps the handle the on door and opens, walking on in while dusting some snow from his shoulders off the furr pelts adorning them.
    [12:58] Niky Ansar: Captain, welcome.
    [12:58] Niky Ansar: Can i get you a warming drink?
    [12:59] Dareon Clegane shrugs, "So he may be, Niky." He turns toward the door and notices the man coming in.
    [12:59] Niky Ansar: Mulled wine? Or some honey mead?
    [12:59] Captain Arleon Cerwyn tilts his head up some as he is addressed, offering the woman a gentle nod with a smile as his initial response to her greeting. "Thank you Niky, some Dark Ale would be preferrable. I prefor the bold flavor to counter this cold."
    [13:00] Niky Ansar: ale it is for the handsome captian giggles.
    [13:00] Captain Arleon Cerwyn offers a bit of a smile before walking towards the nearest table and seat. He shrugs his shoulders some and shakes his head to remove what snow dust is left upon his body. "Thank you." He states while taking a seat.
    [13:00] Dareon Clegane stands and approaches the man addressed as Captain, "Good day ser. I am Lord Clegane from King's Landing..." he offers his hand.
    [13:01] Niky Ansar gets a tankard and draws it full of dark ale.
    [13:02] Captain Arleon Cerwyn pauses a moment and smiles to the man, holding back from taking his seat just yet. He bows his head a little in greeting and takes the mans hand. "Greetings Milord. Welcome to Winterfell."
    [13:02] Niky Ansar hands the captain the ale.
    [13:02] Dareon Clegane nods, "BAH! You can have your ice and snow in this piss pot of a town. I prefer the south where the women don't have to bundle up..."
    [13:03] Dark Ale: Ale, bonny ale, like a lord of the soil in the Country shall domineer. ()
    [13:04] Dareon Clegane leers at Nicky, "Although I must say I am most impressed with the tavern help..."
    [13:04] Niky Ansar giggles and heads for the soup pot to stir. She stirs the evening soup.
    [13:05] Captain Arleon Cerwyn turns his gaze to Niky a moment along with that gentle smile. He takes the ale and grasps her hand a moment, kissing the back of it as he often did. He cared not for bedding the women who offered themselves, but he treated them better than most for what service they offered him when he stopped by. "Thank you Niky." He paused before taking a drink, looking to the lord. "Milord, perhaps the south would keep you better indeed if such a place is to bold for your endurance." He cared little for those who offered insults to his home, and more so the home of those he was loyal to. But he was often subtle about it.
    [13:05] Dareon Clegane turns back to the Captain, "Please sit, Captain. I should like to find out what you are the captain of..." He guestures to the nearest bench ()
    [13:06] Niky Ansar checks on the bread baking on the oven.
    [13:07] Captain Arleon Cerwyn quirks an eyebrow a little. He'd forgotten he left his shield in his chambers within the castle, so he bore no sigl of House Stark to give away his loyalty. he sets the mug upon the table and takes a seat as he is offered it. "I am the Captain of House Starks guard. I am responsible for their security, and the secruity of all of Winterfell Milord."
    [13:08] Dareon Clegane nods, "So you know the comings and goings of Winterfell? Tell me Ser, how is Lord Stark this day?"
    [13:10] Captain Arleon Cerwyn settlesin some, reaching for a parchment within the comfort of his belt. He takes the scroll out and sets it before him, though not opening it just yet. "Well Milord, quite well indeed; as is his family. Why might you ask, Milord?"
    [13:12] Dareon Clegane shakes his head, "I was just curious. When I was in King's Landing I saw many ravens flying. When I arrived here, I saw more. I didn't know if there was anything related. Dark wings, dark words..."
    [13:14] Captain Arleon Cerwyn offers a slight shkae of his head as he grasps his mug with his left hand once more. he raises it, taking a small drink before setting it back down. He then grasps the parchemtn and unrolls it to start reading, though not taking his keenest of attention for the Lord before him. "No, nothing troubling. At least not that I know of really. We have had to deal with an Ice Witch off and on. Her and her mongrels cause us trouble from time to time but tis nothing we cannot overcome."
    [13:15] Dareon Clegane laughs, "I hope you mounted that bitche's head on a pike!" He takes a drink of his mulled wine and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.
    [13:16] Captain Arleon Cerwyn offers another shake of his head. "Unfortunatly not. She's allueded our grasp thusfar, though there has been no sign of her of late." He'd state with a firm, and sound tone of voice as if he were unthreatened by the evil bitch he spoke of. ()
    [13:18] Dareon Clegane leans in, "Captain, maychance you have any Greyjoy's about?"
    [13:19] Captain Arleon Cerwyn quirks a brow as he tilts his head up some. "Not that I am aware of Milord, though I know not the commings and goings of every man, woman and child on a constant basis. I do my best but, no man is perfect."
    [13:20] Dareon Clegane nods, "Aye, Ser. I am in a similar spot in Kings Landing."
    [13:21] Captain Arleon Cerwyn leans forward himself, releasing the parchment from the grasp of both hands. he rests his right forearm upon the edge of the table quile posing his query. "What brings you to Winterfell Milord, if I may ask?"
    [13:22] Niky Ansar goes upstairs to clean the bath area.
    [13:22] Dareon Clegane shrugs, "This and that really, ser. This and that..."
    [13:24] Captain Arleon Cerwyn offers a bit of a nod as he smiles in a polite form. "Well, so long as you are here for that..." he'd briefly gesture to the mug in the Lords possession. "...and not this." He'd then reach down and raise the hilt of his blade into view for but a moment. He'd then chuckle, letting the sheath fall from sight. "Any trouble that occurrs is my responsibility to deal with. I prefer there to not be trouble."
    [13:25] Dareon Clegane laughs a raspy laugh, "I do not intend there to be trouble ser, but you better be willing to pull that sword out the next time you threaten the King's Justice!" He stands and touches his hilt.
    [13:27] Captain Arleon Cerwyn shakes his head a bit, then bows it out of respect. "No threats intended Milord, nor disrespect either. I simply wished to clarify my position. I do apologize for whatever offense that may have been taken."
    [13:29] Dareon Clegane inclines his head "None taken, ser." He sits and takes his horn of ale and drinks it.
    [13:30] Captain Arleon Cerwyn grasps his mug once more to finish the liquid within. "I trust Lord Stark is aware of your presence?" ()
    [13:31] Dareon Clegane shakes his head, "He is not..." ()
    [13:33] Captain Arleon Cerwyn quirks an eyebrow once more upon hearing that answer. "Hm, I find that interesting. Are you here with a wish to be unseen?"
    [13:34] Dareon Clegane shakes his head, "I am too big a man for people to not see me" He laughs. "Truth be told, Captain, I was passing through on the way to the Wall to interrogate a black brother regarding an unsolved crime that has reared many a head against His Grace. I mislike the north and the task given to me..." ()
    [13:37] Captain Arleon Cerwyn tilts his head to the left a little as he hears this explanation. "Hm, I find that ever more interesting indeed. I am presently attempting to track down some deserters from the wall. They stole some supplies from a camp we had in place a bit north of Winterfell. Weapons, and some food are missing. I have scouts out but have yet to hear any word."
    [13:39] Dareon Clegane steeples his fingers under his chin while resting his elbows on the table, "Captain, are these black brothers, or brigands? I'm looking for a bastard of a Tully..."
    [13:41] Captain Arleon Cerwyn offers the slightest shrug. "I would assume they are either wildings or deserters from the Wall, the latter far more likely I think. I could not be sure of their identities however Milord." ()
    [13:43] Dareon Clegane nods, "I hear Lord Stark, King of the North, supplies his own justice..." ()
    [13:44] Captain Arleon Cerwyn winces just a little as the mention of such justice is brought about. He replies none-the-less. "Yes. The Wall is in lord Starks regions, and those who dester or cause trouble in his lands fall under the blade of his justice." ()
    [13:49] Dareon Clegane smiles, "Lord Stark and I have a task in common it seems..."
    [13:50] Captain Arleon Cerwyn offers a slight chuckle in agreement and humor. "Indeed Milord. It seems many of us have such a thing in common. Order must be upheld to prevent chaos." ()
    [13:51] Dareon Clegane laughs, "Sometimes chaos is the beginning of order, Captain..."
    [13:52] Captain Arleon Cerwyn laughs a bit at the statement. "Oh perhaps. But I prefer the order of order Milord, rather than the order of chaos."
    [13:54] Dareon Clegane nods, "It has been a pleasure knowing you, Captain, but I fear I must be on my way. " He gets up and heads toward the door.
    [13:55] Captain Arleon Cerwyn turns his head towards thr Lord and bows his head out of respect. "Indeed Milord. Enjoy your stay in Winterfell."

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