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    Captain Arleon joins Lady Thresia Stark for Breakfast


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    Captain Arleon joins Lady Thresia Stark for Breakfast Empty Captain Arleon joins Lady Thresia Stark for Breakfast

    Post by Velaria on Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:36 am

    [07:08] Lady Thresia Stark rolls from her bed, as she searches for her garder robe to relieve herself... in the privacy of her bathing chambers... she sighed with relief, as she left it for the servant to dispose of.. but not before cleansing herself with the warmed water that was left upon the table.. splashing water upon her face, she lifted the towel and dried her face and the bits of water that splashed across her hair, then with the assistance of her lady in waiting she removed her sleeping gown. Lady Thresia struggled into her underskirts and into the long boot socks. The young girl would click her tongue as Thresia allowed her to tighten the corset, sucking in her breath. She really didn't need to wear one of these, but it was the heght of fashion, and she did so love her beautiful gowns.. though she had only a few from her friend in High Garden, she would wear them with pleasure.. they were not normally suitable for the cold north.. but she wished for something feminine today.. something to display her curveceous figure, where as she was wont to hide herself when she first came from Bear Island and the Mormont house afte the death of her then husband, she was eager to again begin a new that she should have lived when she had been whisked through the night to bear island and an unwanted marriage.
    Lady Thresia sat as quietly as she could as her lady in waiting brushed her hair and then styled it.. her long waves fell back about her features as she felt them lifted high and coiled this way and that... then a few pins later her hair was styled beautifully in some fancy up do that the Lady in waiting had seen on some woman at one of the southern courts. Lady Thresia would spritz on some scented water onto her breast, and onto her neck as she fluffed her hair once more, then slipped on the heirloom ring she always wore..the cast on the side of the ferocious direwolf... skirts flouncing she moved toward her door and down the hall toward the steps. She was famished, but did not desire the sugary breakfast that had waited for her. Lady Thresia tugged upon the lower stair door.. feeling its intense weight she wondered if the guard was leaning against it asleep again.. she thrust the heel of her hand against it.. it only made a muffled sound, she cried out angrilly...and then the door moved.. the guard had indeed fallen asleep whilst standing up... she muttered at him about speaking to her Brother about the sleepy guard, and he stood there apologizing to her, replying it wouldn't happen again..she clucked her tongue at him but not before snatching up her skirts and moving toward the drafty hall... this is where she wished she'd brought the warmth of her furred cloak. Lady Thresia paused upon the walk, spying the Captain of the Guards.. Ser Arleon was such a stern man.. always such a gruff look to his features, and she would normally attempt to avoid such looks from him, she was not sure he much approved the way she dressed on this day.. she noted that his back was turned toward her.. and she inched past.. her step silent..she had learned to have such stealth while living in the house of mormont..moving about the corner, whilst his back was turned.. he seemed to be reading some bit of parchment.. well she would not disturb him... she moved down the hallway, past the library with its flickering of light from beneath the door...her skirts making a whispering sound as she moved.
    [07:55] Captain Arleon Cerwyn had taken notice of Lady Stark quietly making her way past him. She was quick, for before he could address her she was already well on her way down the hall. He smiled a bit, rolling the parchment in his hand up before proceeding to follow after her. He'd shout out after her, in a respectful tone of course. "M'lady Stark!"
    [07:59] Lady Thresia Stark sighed as she was spotted afterall, she stopped.. and grasing the fold of her skirts swirled about and looked at him, her eyes lifting up to his.."yes Ser Arleon?" She had of course recognized his voice.. a smile lifting on her lips..she waited for him to have his say, or at least come and join her for breakfast..she canted her head and waited for whatever it was.
    [08:05] Captain Arleon Cerwyn pauses in his steps towards Lady Stark, almost halted by her presence and he beauty. She was quite fair and he always thought so. It was not his place to dote upon her in such a way however, so he always kept such compliments within his own mind. "M'lady..." he'd bow his head a little out of respect, then look back to her. "I was thinking of acquiring some breakfast, and based upon your present destination I assume you are as well. Might I accompany you?" Captain Arleon pauses in his steps towards Lady Stark, almost halted by her presence and he beauty. She was quite fair and he always thought so. It was not his place to dote upon her in such a way however, so he always kept such compliments within his own mind. "M'lady..." he'd bow his head a little out of respect, then look back to her. "I was thinking of acquiring some breakfast, and based upon your present destination I assume you are as well. Might I accompany you?"
    [08:10] Lady Thresia Stark smiled to Captain Arleon..she nodded, and with a flick of her wrist.. lifted the fold of her skirt.. lifting it from her feet that she not step upon them... she was glad that whatever business he wished to dscuss with her , he would be content todo it over food.."aye, please.." and she moved before him upon the wooden floor, her skirts swishing back and forth as she moved elegantly down the hall..and around the corner and swiftly down the stairs.
    [08:13] Captain Arleon Cerwyn had followed her down, though at the door he had rushed to open it for her as was proper. He then followed her into the feasting hall and offered his left hand to her to help her to sit. "M'lady." Addressing her as he offers her his aid. He then looks to the servants. "Bring some water, mead, and food from the kitchens." They'd all nod and rush off to retrieve it.
    [08:19] Lady Thresia Stark was glad to have Captain Arleon's commanding presence there. as he authoratively ordered the cook and servants to prepare the mornings repast.. Thresia accepted the hand that seated her, moving her skirts about her delicately as she lifted a tankard of warmed mead that was sat before her..she wondered what he had on his adjenda today.. and she went ahead and asked as well," so what brings you to me this morn, Captain Arleon?" She would say, as she averted her gaze from the features of his face.. they had been at some point handsome, she was unsure of his age.. he was in Winterfell when she returned from bear Island, but she was not too familiar with him, only that her Brother, Vayon, Lord of Winterfell trusted him with everything..she supposed she would now too, but she had a fear still of Men.. even though Lord Jayke was much as he, strong and authorative.. he was her cousin after all.
    [08:23] Captain Arleon Cerwyn nods to lady Stark after she acquires her seat, moving around to the other side of the table to take his own seat. it would not be long before the servants return with plates of food, one of fruit, one of meat, one of vegtables, one of bread and another a bowl of water for cleaning after the meal. A pitcher of mead was sat upon the table before the Captain and he nodded at the servant, offering a dismissive wave. "That's good, thank you." He then looks to lady Stark upon her question being posed. "I've been doing some work on the camp resources after it was collected. We seemed to be missing some supplies, which I've listed in as much detail as possible."
    [08:28] Lady Thresia Stark lifted the sweet honey mead as the girl brought it forth to her, she enjoyed the sweet warmth of it, as she listened to him, she would, then speak a platter was brought before her.. she pinched some small quail eggs and placed several before her, as she sprinkled seasoning over them salt and pepper she lifted her jeweled dagger from her wrist sheath and slid it through a napkin cleaning it before sampling some of the fine foods set before her..she would look direclty into the Captains eyes before she glanced purposely at his he ate his food then away back to her own platter... again lifting her mead and washing her meal down with it..right before she spoke.."my Lord Brother has said to me he wished for the camp to be taken apart and he wishes it done there will be no need of lists, Captain." And with that she took another sampling of spiced egg.
    [08:31] Captain Arleon Cerwyn nods his head in understanding of Lady Starks words. "Of course M'lady. Lord Stark was quite clear as to the orders he gave to me M'lady, and i shall see it done as every other duty he's entrusted to me. In addition to taking the camp down it is also my duty to ensure all of the supplies are accounted for, and they are not M'lady." He'd state before grasping a piece of dried meat, biting into it then taking a swift drink of his drink.
    [08:37] Lady Thresia Stark canted her head.. sending waves of ink about her shoulder.. she watched as his eyes moved over her face, then away, and she wondered what it was that he was looking at..she took the time to admire his own features.. but not before looking away swiftly that he not catch her stare..she sampled more of the choice delicate meats, the deer and possibly boar meat, enjoying the flavor.. she would have to speak to Cook about finding snake and the cooking of it, as it was something she enjoyed on the rocky island where Mormont House thrived.. it was the one pleasure of food she did so enjoy. It had a flavorful taste, and cook before she left had told her how it was to be prepared that she might tell the cook in WInterfell.. Thresa, quaffed more mead, then settled back on the bench.. while wiping her lips."What are the supplies missing, Captain?" She wondered what was missing.. she'd not been in the camp in a while, and missed her favorite rug.
    [08:43] Captain Arleon Cerwyn wiped his mouth a bit, setting the drink upon the table while grasping the scroll from his waist. he takes it out a moment, looking it over. "It's mostly stocks of food M'lady, though there are also some blades and shields that have gone unaccounted for. My guess would be wildmen or eserters from the Wall who snuck in for supplies." He'd set the scroll to the side, leaning forward with both arms avilable now for him to dig in and eat. He'd grab a piece of bread and some more meat, as well as a couple turnips. "I've already sent a couple scouts out to determine if this is true."
    [08:50] Lady Thresia Stark nodded her head."When will you be returning to the camp? I have few items within a tent there...which were there for my comfort." Lady Thresia took a bite of turnip, sampled some more boars meat, and some sweet meat pie..wiping her mouth she pushed the trencher of food away.. drank the rest of her mead.. and looked for something sweet..she so wished for some ripe green grapes.. but knew they were not in season at this time..Thresia nodded her head solemnly.."wouldst it that I knew, Captain," She really did not know much about Men's weapons, save the small dirk she kept for eating, that was about the only knowledge she had.. to keep it clean, she'd yet to have its use for more then such, as her other knowledge was in horseflesh..and she once more would have the desire to ride her horse.. she wondered how well the Captain sat his horse, and if like her retinue she would allude him... as she did them often as it was... she smiled a little, at the thought.. of him attempting to catch her... not that it was his job to do, but she knew his position in the castle was to protect her at all times...her brother would have it no other way.
    [09:00] Captain Arleon Cerwyn tilted his head just a little as he looked to her once more focusing on her eyes for but a moment. He smiled a little, the slight curvature of the corners of his mouth tilting up a hint. The smile is feint but there. He'd finish his food before long, drinking down the end of the ale within his mug. He once more wiped his lips clean. He had no heavy beard to worry about cleaning after a meal, something he tended to prefer. He'd grasp the scroll once more, rolling it back up and slipping it under his belt. "Well M'lady. I thank you for permitting my presence during your breakfast. It was brief, but pleasent. Sadly I must return to my duties. Tis a long day and much to be done." He'd stand slowly from the table. "My first stop is the camp this day.." he'd add per Lady Stark's statement. "I will tend to whatever items you wish me to secure. What might they be?"
    [09:08] Lady Thresia Stark would also too rise, setting the napkin aside, she wiped off her dirk, then slid it into its small sheath upon her wrist.. where she always kept it.. at hand, she did know the use of such a weapon, even should this one just be fore eating.. she moved her skirts as she lifted from the bench.. her ankle showing for but a moment before her skirt once more fell into place.. she walked toward the hall.. she would find once more the comforts of her chambers, they were not as drafty as the main hall was at this time, she paused though as the question was asked.."Only the furniture in my tent, my chest, and the few clothing articles there.. there is a rose and thorn rug, I would like if the thieves did not perloin it on their travels through the camp...and of course my tub.." She would leave that hanging... wondering what was left of anything if at all... she would go riding soon on Notte.. she inclined her head.." have a good day, Captain, and be safe." She was sure that he would be, he was quite capable.
    [09:11] Captain Arleon Cerwyn bows his head in a respective manner, watching Lady Stark take her leave of the feasting hall. "You as well M'lady. I will see to the security of the mentioned belongings, I assure you."

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