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    Captain Arleon, Lady Diomy and Lord Stark


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    Captain Arleon, Lady Diomy and Lord Stark Empty Captain Arleon, Lady Diomy and Lord Stark

    Post by Velaria on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:09 pm

    [20:18] Captain Arleon Cerwyn treks through the snow at a fair pace, carrying a partially prepared rabbit on a string in his left hand as he makes his way towards the fire. He takes notice of Lady Diomy of course, offering her a soft smile. "Good evening M'lady...I hope I'm not disturbing you."
    [20:19] Diomy Takakura smiles, "No, Im just standing about is all..I hope you are having a lovely eveing..."
    [20:21] Captain Arleon Cerwyn would offer the slightest chuckle as he makes his way towards the fire, taking a seat upon one of the logs. he brushes his right hand along his side to sweep his blade upon his waist over the log making it easier to sit; moving the base of his cloak as well so as to not sit on it. He parts his knees a bit as he swings the rabbit before him, reaching to grasp a small knife in the inner side of his left boot. "Oh, quite a one, yes M'lady."
    [20:23] Diomy Takakura breathed out, a small cloud of heat floated upwards to the sky. It seemed almost to get colder everyday, and yet here she was without a cloak once again. Diomy moved closer to the fire and watched as the young man dressed the rabbit.
    [20:24] Diomy Takakura: "I will admit that it is quiet, but I cant help but feel that theres a sort of tension in the air...I was thinking about riding back to the castle to do some research, however, I feel more free out here."
    [20:26] Captain Arleon Cerwyn tilts his head down a bit, looking at the aged knife. He moved it to the center and began tending to the small creatures corpse in preparation for eating. He'd glance up for a moment, a gentle smile still upon his face. "Indeed M'lady...serving as a Captain of the guard in House Stark, most of my duties tend to require me to be near or around the castle but...I find the outdoors to be much more relaxing. I've always found the coold air of the far north to be comforting. 'A strange affliction that child of mine has!' my mother would say when I was young, running about the snow with naught by my skin." He'd chuckle.
    [20:29] Diomy Takakura chuckled, "I have a similar affliction, however, I love the warmth of the south. I am from Starfall myself. ....This winter really makes me miss it. I will say, however, that it very beautiful here. So much purity...the snow that has yes to be touched....everything is breathtaking. I have already been sick once."
    [20:30] Diomy Takakura smoothed out her dress and plopped down upon the log next to her, as her dress was so cumbersome. As she kneeled down, she had to balance herself with her left hand, trying to ensure she did not topple over.
    [20:32] Captain Arleon Cerwyn would tilt his head up just a bit, pausing in the cutting of the rabbits body; half the furr gone from the critter already by this point. "Hm? Sick...well that's no good M'lady. Falling ill can be quite dangerous in the deep cold. Though not my place to question...dressing a bit more appropriatly may be wise."
    [20:34] Diomy Takakura chuckled, "I would but I forget sometimes, just like I forget to let my mulled wine cool a little before drinking it....Living in the south can have such an affect on you....Its still amazing that so much frozen water could be around, where as in the desert, this would be worth almost s much as gold! Ha!"
    [20:36] Captain Arleon Cerwyn would smirk a little, though nothing of great notice. He turns his gaze back to the rabbit in his grap and resumes the cutting and preparation. "Indeed. Rather ironic I suppose that the things of which would be so worth riches in one are are in such abandance on the other side of the world, hm?"
    [20:38] Diomy Takakura nodded, "Indeed. Like the spices and the unique cloth, verses the water and steel.among many other things. It is nice to see such a difference, though sometimes I do miss the Dornish people and their lively ways."
    [20:40] Captain Arleon Cerwyn would raise the small rabbit in his hand up a little. "This tends to be about as lively as it gets around here, unless Lord Stark or another Lady or Lord holds a feat. They are frequent enough though, so I suppose that we northern peoples can be frequent enough to more energetic activities."
    [20:42] Diomy Takakura breathed out ad another large cloud made its way up into the sky. "I am looking into another event, like some games or something.....I just need more time to look into it though. its the north...I suppose the cold cools down tempers if the heat in the south makes them worse...or maybe its the spices."
    [20:43] Captain Arleon Cerwyn shakes his head a little. "If there is one thing here in the north that we have more potence than those of the would be the ale we use to keep our bellies warm M'lady. Trust me, they do poorly to dampen the flaring tempers." He'd chuckle once more, bear finished with the rabbit's furr.
    [20:47] Diomy Takakura: "I will admit that the ale here is wonderful. When I first arrived, I spent most of the time in the tavern...drinking. Like I said, this is such an interesting experience for me, especially since this is the land I will die in now...." After she spoke, she paused and thought about her parents and er sister, her old home in Dorne...the last she was there, she knew that it would not be her only home.
    [20:47] Diomy Takakura: "I do miss the spices in my food though."
    [20:50] Captain Arleon Cerwyn leands forward grasping a stick already heafted in a slanted tilt towards the fire. He takes it from its place and brings it back, wittling a fresh spiked tip. He then presses the rabbit body down on the stick. "Speaking in that tone M'lady you make it sound as if we are both stuck on the Wall." He'd then place the stick back in place with the rabbit on, the heat of the fire already searing into the raw flesh. "There are trades done from north to south. I am sure you could have some brought up, if you have the coin that is."
    [20:53] Diomy Takakura nodded, "I only say that because it is true.....It just makes me think about forever...I have some spices, but the servants dont know how to cook with them, so sometimes, when everyone in the house is alseep, I wll prepare a small Dornish meal as a midnight snack of some sort...That is if I manage to not burn down the house."
    [20:55] Captain Arleon Cerwyn shakes his head a little. "Would you happen to have any of these spices of yours on your person at this moment M'lady?" He'd look to her, slipping his knife back into its place within the sheath inserted into his boot.
    [20:57] Diomy Takakura watched the rabbit cook in the fire and paused, "I do have some..but tis mosty what I put in my mulled wine...but I would be happ to give you some if you dont mind.." Diomy produces a bladderskin bag filled with anise, cinnamon, mint, basil, and a few other spices.
    [21:00] Captain Arleon Cerwyn takes the bag with a bit of an appreciating nod. "Hmm...well worst that happens is I scrape it off hm?" He chuckles, taking some 'basil' and sprinkling it on the rabbit as it cooks. He then hands the bag back to Diomy. "Thank you M'lady."
    [21:02] Diomy Takakura nodded "its no problem...Its great at keeping away colds....ever since I started puting it in my hot drinks, I dont feel quite so sick.."
    [21:03] Captain Arleon Cerwyn leans forward again, grasping at the base of the stick. He turns it around so the other side of the rabbit faces the fire. The stomach side already seeming well cooked. "Well, perhaps this will fill my stomach and prevent such illness at the same time hm?"
    [21:05] Diomy Takakura chuckled, " never know when you have to be nice and strong. I bet you could use some of these bushes around here for spices as well, though you would have to be careful which ones...I know the trees have nice medical properties though."
    [21:07] Captain Arleon Cerwyn shrugs his shoulders just a little. "I wouldn't know which...chances are likely I'd come back scratching all over because I fell into some poison oak or something. My childhood friend was more the hunter...he knew the norther woods well, but he took up the call and swore his life to service as a man of the Nights Watch."
    [21:10] Diomy Takakura nodded, "That should come in handy for him. Especially if something were to happen..he would survive indeed. I know a little about herbs because I read alot...being the libarian, sometimes you come across books you want to read, and so not I learn alot of random crap this way."
    [21:12] Captain Arleon Cerwyn offers a bit of a laugh. The smell of the rabbit fills the immediate area as it finishes cooking, well done all around. he reaches down to retrieve his knife again, shoving himself forward on the log to get closer. Her grabs the left leg and suts down along the inner thigh to detach it from the main body, checking to make sure its cooked all the way through. "Hm, just the way I like it." He then turns, offering the leg to Diomy. "Care for some, M'lady?"
    [21:14] Diomy Takakura smiled and nodded, "Ill take just a tiny taste. Im curious to see how it turned out." Diomy reached out and gently accepted the leg. As she tore into it, she immediately burnt her tongue and cursed.
    [21:15] Captain Arleon Cerwyn pauses a moment but can't help but smirk a little bit. "Uh...heh, my apologies M'lady. I should have warned you it was hot. Try a bit of snow to cool your tongue."
    [21:16] Diomy Takakura facepalms, "It should be common sense, but no. I am just a little silly sometimes."
    [21:16] Vayon Stark walks to the fire, smelling the sweet savory smell of a spiced rabit, his mouth begins to water. "Evening."
    [21:17] Captain Arleon Cerwyn shakes his head again, leaning forward to grasp some for himself. He hears someone walking up then catches the voice of Lord Stark. he stands quickly, turning to him and bowing his head. "Lord Stark, good evening."
    [21:18] Diomy Takakura nods, "M'lord, how are you this eveing?" Diomy took a smaller, more careful bite and nodded as she chewed.
    [21:18] Vayon Stark "I am well, the day seems to find you fare, Arleon, sit and enjoy." Vayon Stark sits on the log by the fire and begins to warm himself.
    [21:19] Captain Arleon Cerwyn bows his head once again, smiling a bit. He takes his seat once again, holding the knife towards the rabbits cooked body. "Would M'lord care for some food to warm his stomach?"
    [21:20] Diomy Takakura takes another bite of the rabbit leg, chewed and swallowed, "This rabbit was probably adorable before it died..."
    [21:22] Vayon Stark nods "i would love some thank you"
    [21:22] Vayon Stark "Arleon as captain of my guard, I leave you the task of taking down the camp...we ride for home soon."
    [21:23] Captain Arleon Cerwyn leans forward yet again and cutts off the right leg with a good portion of the thigh, offering it to Lord Stark. He then glances over at Diomy with a bit of a frown. before he could reply he looks to lord Stark and nods. "Yes M'lord. I'll have it packed and ready come dawn."
    [21:25] Diomy Takakura chucked at Arleon's frown and looked over at her lord with surprise, "So we are giving up the hut for the Ice Witch, eh?"
    [21:26] Vayon Stark "why the frown Arleon, do you not miss winterfell?" he asks as he takes out a dirk from his boot and stabs the peice of meat that Arleon offered him.
    [21:28] Captain Arleon Cerwyn shakes his head a bit. "oh, it's not that M'lord. More what M'lady just stated about" He'd then turn, taking some meat for himself from the animals cooked body. " for the hunt for the Ice Witch M'lady, I suppose if she seeks to cause trouble she will bring plenty to Winterfell."
    [21:29] Vayon Stark nods "that she will i assure you, but we have lost to many men and not gained any ground out here, and have not seen her in several weeks"
    [21:29] Diomy Takakura shook her head with a half frown, "M'lord, I do need to tell you what I have found about the book at some may trouble ou though.."
    [21:32] Captain Arleon Cerwyn quirks a brow at the mention of a book. "I've been hearing talk of a book from some of the men. Anything I should know, perhaps?" More interested in ensuring he's as knowledgeable about the stiation so as to serve Lord Stark as best he can.
    [21:32] Vayon Stark "Trouble me or not, I need to know, a lord can not back down from such information."
    [21:37] Captain Arleon Cerwyn bows his head, taking the piece of meat as he stands. "If you'll excuse me Lord Stark, M'lady. I will see to preparations for packing the camp. Have a good night M'lady. Lord Stark."
    [21:38] Vayon Stark "I will fill you Arleon, once I know more."
    [21:38] Captain Arleon Cerwyn nods. "Thank you M'lord."
    [21:38] Diomy Takakura nodded, "Sleep well. I enjoyed the once adorable rabbit. It was delicious"

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