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    The Bath House


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    The Bath House Empty The Bath House

    Post by Vayon_Stark on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:41 am

    [22:15] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) watched Diomy curiously, noting the heightened color, the swelling of her breasts, and then Thresia arched her brow, wondering why its not so very obvious to her friend that she's with child.. ()
    [22:16] Diomy Takakura blushed, seeing that she was being watched. "I dont know why on earth they are so sore.." ()
    [22:16] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "wow.. good construction" ()
    [22:17] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) gasped seeing her Brother Vayon..and a servant come to assist him with his braes, removing them as well as his leggings... Thresia.. sank deeper into the water.. feeling its warmth enveloping her..."well.. hello Vayon, why don't you try the water its so warm.. and relaxing.." she smiled toward Diomy.. ()
    [22:18] Diomy Takakura chuckled and greeted Lord Vayon, wondering what Lady Thresia knew that she ..didnt. ()
    [22:18] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looks to the two girls and nods "i beleive i will.. i always did love bathing with gorgeous women" ()
    [22:19] Diomy Takakura chuckled, "Even if one is your sister?" ()
    [22:19] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) coughed behind her hand.. as she rolled her eyes.."I simply do not count, Vayon... as your sister.. " she blushed a bit, and sank more into the water.. as he approached the bath.. ()
    [22:20] Diomy Takakura started laughing with little control, her hand hardly hiding her laughter ()
    [22:20] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "and what is wrong with me complimenting my sister? is she not beautiful?" ()
    [22:20] Diomy Takakura: She is indeed, m'lord... ()
    [22:20] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): I of course have the starks good looks ()
    [22:21] Diomy Takakura smiled and nodded ()
    [22:21] Diomy Takakura: I guess I find it strange since I have a sister and we call eachother ugly all the time. ()
    [22:21] Diomy Takakura shruged ()
    [22:22] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs ()
    [22:22] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) closed her eyes as she sank back i nto the water.. enjoying the gentle lapping of the water along her neck , as her long hair became drenched in the water's healing caress.. she paid little attention to her brother and to Diomy as they chit chatted.. all she could do was enjoy the healing soothing of the water. ()
    [22:24] Diomy Takakura splashed Thresia a little, noting that she wasnt looking ()
    [22:28] Diomy Takakura sighed
    [22:29] Diomy Takakura examines her ring watching it cleanly sparkle
    [22:31] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) slides into the bath at the very end, feelingthe warm water onhis skin, it was so relaxing ()
    [22:32] Diomy Takakura cracks her knuckles "Such a nice diversion..." ()
    [22:32] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "it is indeed" ()
    [22:33] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles and chuckles ()
    [22:33] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "diomy, are you glowing?" ()
    [22:33] Diomy Takakura: Glowing? ()
    [22:33] Diomy Takakura loks at her body, examining her hands and arms.. ()
    [22:33] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods and makes a rounded belly motion ()
    [22:34] Diomy Takakura: "WHAT?" ()
    [22:34] Diomy Takakura: "me?..pregnant?" ()
    [22:34] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles and winnks ()
    [22:34] Diomy Takakura paused and shook her head, "I dont think so....although...." ()
    [22:35] Diomy Takakura thought of the soreness, but dismissed it. ()
    [22:36] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods as he dunks himself under the warm spring water, holding himself under teh water for a few seconds, before emerging from the steam ()
    [22:37] Diomy Takakura shrugging off the thought, Diomy leaned back, floating atop the surface of the pool ()
    [22:38] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) " what news of faust?" ()
    [22:39] Diomy Takakura: He is detained ...... ()
    [22:39] Diomy Takakura: he rode to Starfall to meet my parents and get my sister... ()
    [22:39] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) eyes get serious, and his demeanor firm "detained? where? for what?" ()
    [22:40] Diomy Takakura: I however could not go, a I have several duties I need to complete..." ()
    [22:41] Diomy Takakura chuckled, " no need to get serious....its just his in-laws..they will love him, especially my mom, but hopefully not too much" ()
    [22:41] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs, "thank the gods i dont have that luxury, i would prefer prison to alkinas parents" ()
    [22:42] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) dunked herself and then came up sputtering.. squeezing the water from her hair with her fists.. one over the other.. as she leaned back and allowed the warmth of the water envelope her further..
    [22:43] Diomy Takakura smirked, "My parents get clingy..." ()
    [22:44] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "wait till you have kids"
    [22:44] Diomy Takakura spoke up, "M' you think Im pregant?" ()
    [22:44] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) coughed a bit at that comment ()
    [22:45] Diomy Takakura looked to both her Lord and Lady ()
    [22:45] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): I think it should be obvious, Diomy ()
    [22:45] Diomy Takakura blushed ()
    [22:45] Diomy Takakura blushed so deeply that even her chest turned red ()
    [22:46] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "rubs the warm water over his arms and chest ()
    [22:46] Diomy Takakura: "Well, we shall months to come" ()
    [22:47] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "it would be rather interesting" ()
    [22:47] Diomy Takakura frowned and raised an eyebrow, "Would it?" ()
    [22:48] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods " a young child with your temper and fiesty nature, with fausts logical thought and steadfast honor" ()
    [22:49] Diomy Takakura: "Yes, a scary little beast," ()
    [22:49] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs "he would be like my own son, since me and alkina do not have children of our own" ()
    [22:51] Diomy Takakura: "Well I am sure that once I have one and you all decide to become attached to this creature, I think one of two things will happen" ()
    [22:51] Diomy Takakura: "One, you all wil never want any children, or..." ()
    [22:51] Diomy Takakura: "Alkina will magicall become pregnant" ()
    [22:52] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs "it isnt as if we havent tried.. we have been trying.. just it is hard for her kind to conceive" ()
    [22:53] Diomy Takakura: "It is for all women who aunt tried for 16 years, untill she was into her fifties..when one day...she was surpried to find she was giving birth" ()
    [22:54] Diomy Takakura: She thought she was just overweight.. ()
    [22:54] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs ()
    [22:54] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) coughed a bit.. at his comment.. "well tis obvious,. Vayon, that her kind has no problem getting another pregnant," as she looks toward Diomy pointedly... ()
    [22:54] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "alkina is a rare breed, and the females tend to be barren" ()
    [23:02] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) slipped from the tub, and ran to behind a screen to dry off and rush home.. ()
    [23:03] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looked in confusion as his sister made a hasty exit ()
    [23:03] Diomy Takakura: Awww ()
    [23:03] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "are you ok thresia?" ()
    [23:03] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): my menses are beginning ()
    [23:03] Diomy Takakura: Ohhhh ()
    [23:04] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) stares in to the water... ()
    [23:04] Diomy Takakura giggles ()
    [23:05] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head ()
    [23:06] Diomy Takakura sighs... ()
    [23:06] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "come hug me before you leave little sister... we have not spent as much time as we need to together" ()
    [23:11] Diomy Takakura: I cant believe you are already leaving! ()
    [23:12] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): (sorry gotta run) ()
    [23:12] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau): (night, seep well) ()
    [23:12] Diomy Takakura: (Sleep well) ()
    [23:22] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "so how is life in your new house?
    [23:23] Diomy Takakura: Its interesting..I scare the servants by walking around in my dornish clothing ()
    [23:23] Diomy Takakura giggled ()
    [23:23] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs ()
    [23:24] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "that is good, keeps them on their toes" ()
    [23:24] Diomy Takakura: They says its provocative..I say its normal....but whatever ()
    [23:25] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i scared my dad and uncle once, being as tall and strong as i was in my youth, i dressed up in the armor of throld bolton and walked into one of their meetings wielding a sword, they about shit themselves" ()
    [23:25] Diomy Takakura chuckled ()
    [23:26] Diomy Takakura: We used to try and prank people back in Starfall...its my sister's fault... ()
    [23:27] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "sure, sure, blame the one who isnt here" ()
    [23:27] Diomy Takakura chuckled ()
    [23:27] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau): brb ()
    [23:27] Diomy Takakura: Well I wore the outfit today to prove them wron, and Ive learned that.....its too cold to wear out. ()
    [23:35] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "you wore that outfit outside? where the hell was i!"
    [23:36] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) moves over closer to diomy, so he is not yelling across the bath ()
    [23:36] Diomy Takakura: LOL Well I still have to change back into it... ()
    [23:36] Diomy Takakura thought of the cold and the horrid bet she made. ()
    [23:36] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs ()
    [23:36] Diomy Takakura stretched out her back ()
    [23:37] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i have been thinking about this book of yours, this one that everyone is so scared of" ()
    [23:38] Diomy Takakura raised an eyebrow ()
    [23:38] Diomy Takakura: It is a very evil book ()
    [23:39] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "for the longest time, i have been wondering if the legendary location of childswell is linked to the ice queens powers, maybe, just maybe it is mentioned in this book of yours"
    [23:40] Diomy Takakura paused, wondering ()
    [23:41] Diomy Takakura: The book would hae a wa to find it, M'lord ()
    [23:41] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "and how can you be so sure? what if the book is nothing more than myth? spurred by a crazy loon?" ()
    [23:42] Diomy Takakura: Because I touched it, M'lord.... ()
    [23:42] Diomy Takakura: I handled it..I even read from it. ()
    [23:42] Diomy Takakura: I could have sworn the leather was human skin... ()
    [23:43] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "and when did this book come through our lands? when did you handle it?" ()
    [23:44] Diomy Takakura: I handled it around the time I had arrived here...maybe three months after... ()
    [23:45] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "and you did not let us know that the book had somethign about it?" ()
    [23:48] Diomy Takakura: Well, it was not one of our library belonged to some ...merc. He would not stop bothering me untill I had touched it. After that I never saw him again and i had since forgotten. Untill now. ()
    [23:49] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "what the hell does a merc want with that book? unless he intends to sell it" ()
    [23:50] Diomy Takakura shrugs, "Well, I dont know.....all he would do was tell me where he got it if he could get to know me better....I said no to him though."
    [23:52] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "well we need to locate that book and burn it, before this all hits the fan" ()
    [23:53] Diomy Takakura nods, "I agree...Whos to say that the book isnt within the walls of the castle?" ()
    [23:55] Diomy Takakura splashes Vayon in the face ()
    [23:56] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) laughs "if it were, do you think we would know?" kicks a big splash of water at her ()
    [23:57] Diomy Takakura does her best to avoid it, however, fails, "There must be a reason the Ice Witch thinks we have it..mabe her source, whoever he or she is, thinks we have it." ()
    [23:59] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) stares blankly at lady diomy "you think we have a spy? what makes you think that"
    [00:00] Diomy Takakura shrugs, "Whe kept going on and on that we had it. Obviously someone told her that...who would do such a thing without information?" ()
    [00:01] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "well maybe she has some sort of connection to it, i dont know how these things work, maybe maester luv or alkina might know more" ()
    [00:04] Diomy Takakura: "It is possible...I can feel it too, but its not as strong as hers....but she seems to specifically accuse us of having it." ()
    [00:04] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) looks around and yawns "this bath has made me tired, perhaps i should retire to my chambers for the night" ()
    [00:05] Diomy Takakura nods, "I can understand, m'lord" ()
    [00:05] Diomy Takakura: I should turn in as well ()
    [00:06] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) stands up and steps over the edge of the bath onto the stone flooring ()
    [00:08] Diomy Takakura stands and walks out of the bath, "Its tim for me to leave as well" ()
    [00:11] Diomy Takakura walks out and grabs her cloak, "Sleep well m'lord" ()
    [00:12] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) nods "sleep warm m'lady" (?)
    Lady Diomy Karvalius
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    The Bath House Empty Bathhouse, a few minutes earlier

    Post by Lady Diomy Karvalius on Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:47 pm

    [21:24:26] Niky Ansar: giggle I have been in the sauna i guess i need to roll inthe snow
    [21:24:39] Diomy Takakura laughs
    [21:24:41] Niky Ansar: ooh a draft
    [21:24:55] Lady Thresia Stark: gasp, did we get a little dirty girls?
    [21:24:56] Niky Ansar: brr
    [21:25:02] Diomy Takakura giggles
    [21:25:07] Diomy Takakura: always for me
    [21:25:08] Niky Ansar: its nice and warm in here
    [21:25:43] Niky Ansar: gets dressed
    [21:26:30] Diomy Takakura stretches
    [21:26:41] Niky Ansar: grabs her cloak
    [21:26:51] [Kingdom of Laurelin] Smokey Bluestar: Stop danceing and hit it
    [21:26:53] Lady Thresia Stark grins thinks of a ath and to join Diomy
    [21:27:03] Niky Ansar: ni ni
    [21:27:15] Diomy Takakura: Sleep well Niky
    [21:27:31] Diomy Takakura giggles
    [21:27:39] Diomy Takakura: I love the bathouse
    [21:28:49] Diomy Takakura: So, whats the adventure for tonight?
    [21:31:44] Lady Thresia Stark looks for a servant to come and assist her out of her clothing... shrugs, seeing none to come.. she begins to shrug out of her clothing, looking over her shoulder praying no man comes in, she'd be terribly embarrassed should such occur.
    [21:32:56] Diomy Takakura chuckles, "Oh m'lady, most men are in the tavern puking and passed out or at home cheating on their wives.
    [21:33:20] Diomy Takakura: No need to be fearful here."
    [21:46:59] Lady Thresia Stark relaxes for once in the warmth of the large public baths, if her brother found her here, she was not sure what he would do to her, but she felt it was important to be friendly to those that were not of her status;... as well as showing them she was much like them though where the smallfolk where she had no idea, at least she had the companyof her friend the Lady Diomy.. she was not exactly the same status.. but she was a noblewoman of sorts.. "yes this is quite enjoyable."
    [21:51:46] Lady Thresia Stark: definitely a nice place, I'm so glad that this bath house has been here for centuries, but yet they keep it so clean
    [21:51:51] Lady Thresia Stark: how they do that i have no idea
    [21:51:58] Diomy Takakura: me smiled, stretching out her cold limbs in the hot water. "Its nice to see you here. I decided that this week was too stressful, so, now im here....Always nice to go and laze about for a bit."
    [21:52:35] Diomy Takakura: "You know, theres so muh alcohol that think they clean with it here.."
    [21:54:53] Diomy Takakura giggles
    [21:58:30] Diomy Takakura: Im surprised that you brother doesnt frequent this place ..or he might..
    [21:59:10] Diomy Takakura: I havent seen him here yet
    [22:01:32] Lady Thresia Stark splashed water over her nearly bare body, as the white material clung to her lovely curves, she was unmindful of the fact that a man could walk in at any given moment and see her in the undressed state she was in.. she let the water seep into the inky black tresses as they floated atop the water, she sank deeper into the warmth, allowing the heat erase her exhaustion of the day.. she did wonder where her brother was and why he did not decide to enjoy the bathing pools luxurious healing aspects.. although within their castle.. they had excellent heating with the underground pools.. but she wanted to socialize with others.. though there did not appear to be any smallfolk she often seen wandering around the city.. she smiled to Lady Diomy, "why yes.. you are right.. he would so enjoy it.. I think." Closing her eyes as she enjoyed the water at the baths..
    [22:07:57] Diomy Takakura sighed and raised her wash cloth her arms and chest scrubbing in the warm water, washing away the dirt from working. As she srubbed, she could not help but notice her bust as it floated in the seemed to be sore, perhaps from sleping the wrong way. "I should bring some oils next time...tea rose is wonderful..but it gives people headaches"
    [22:09:46] Lady Thresia Stark began to bathe herself.. lifting and lowering a warmed sponge drenched in sweet moisturizing soapy liquid.. trailing it over her flesh as she eased under the water.. rinsing away the bubbles..
    [[22:11:44] Diomy Takakura dipped her head under the water, holding her breath, coming up for air, breathing out
    [22:13:45] Diomy Takakura poked at her breasts once more, feeling the soreness, wondering why. Ignoring the pain, she continued bathing her legs and back
    [22:15:43] Lady Thresia Stark watched Diomy curiously, noting the heightened color, the swelling of her breasts, and then Thresia arched her brow, wondering why its not so very obvious to her friend that she's with child..
    [22:16:25] Diomy Takakura blushed, seeing that she was being watched. "I dont know why on earth they are so sore.."

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