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    A Slammed Door, Badrick Investigates & Lady Em

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    A Slammed Door, Badrick Investigates & Lady Em Empty A Slammed Door, Badrick Investigates & Lady Em

    Post by Lady Thresia on Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:51 am

    [11:41 PM] Crymm Clowes tossed it aside looking up with a wince as it colided with the door with a loud thump he then picked another book up slowly reading the title then shrugged flipping it open. He ran a finger under the line of words as he read them slowly since he was out of practice with reading.
    [11:45 PM] Crymm Clowes tossed it aside as well then stood pulling the key for the door out then slid it into the lock stepping out into the halls, shutting the door behind him loudly
    [11:48 PM] Crymm Clowes froze outside the door pining himself to the wall as best as he could with Destiny's Rock strapped on his back looking around to see if anyone had heard the loud slam from the door he slid against the wall all mission impossible style poking his head around the pillar.
    [11:50 PM] shanelle Cerise heard a noise below.. and wondered what on earth it was... she put her fingers before her lips and looked at the Lady Emeralina, her Lady in Waiting, ands hook her head, all silent status.. she then moved toward the door, lightly opened it and slipped out... tugging her companion with her.. to follow silently and to the door tot he hall they both went to creep below...
    [11:52 PM] shanelle Cerise hid behind a pillar as she waited silently for whomever or whatever it was that was around the corner.. she shushed Lady Emeralina, as she shoved her back against the wall..she called out imperiously.."who goes there?"
    [11:52 PM] Crymm Clowes shrugged stepping into the hallway looking around to see if anyone were up thinking he had gotten away with it so far. He made his way to the library door then stopped back tracking "just uh.. me I was investing, yes that's it investigating that damned door slammer!"
    [11:55 PM] Emeralina Lisa stays still, her ladys hand covering her mouth
    [11:56 PM] shanelle Cerise wondered who "me" was, she was not certain she recognized the voice, though it was somewhat familiar she grabbed Emi and dragged her back toward hte wall.. "shh.. i think there is a intruder here..." sheattempted to lift the torch but found it too be too hard to lift from its hook on the high wall, she then dragged Emi with her.. lifting her skirt hem with one hand that she not trip over it.
    [11:58 PM] Crymm Clowes called out at the whispering "and I could ask you the same thing my Lady who goes there?" He placed a hand cautius at Destiny's Rock's handle and held it tightly "I'll have you know we Flint have Savage blood in us and I will go crazy if I must!"
    [11:59 PM] Emeralina Lisa stas still, her breathing deep and quick as she crouches back in her lady's embrace, stray strands of hair clinging to the stones as her ears strain into the cavernous room
    [12:00 AM] shanelle Cerise tiny hand moved to the hilt of her tiny jewel encrusted dagger that she always had with her for eating though she knew how to use it to cut to the quick... she shushed Lady Emerlina...she wondered ...'how dare this male speak to HER in this manner... and she a Stark!' she called out.."And just who might you be Ser?" She spoke somewhat with an imperious tone of voice..."Identify yourself!"
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    [12:02 AM] Crymm Clowes raised a brow scratching at his chin "you first!" He backed up furrowing his brows making the scars on his face all the more obvious he took a quick gaze to his left then stopped rubbing his lips together speaking quietly as realization smacked him like a ton of bricks "Lady Thresia? Is that you?"
    [12:03 AM] Emeralina Lisa cups her hand around her lady's ear and whispers in a quiet rshed voice that we should call for help
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    [12:05 AM] shanelle Cerise listened closely to the voice now more familiar then before.. she nodded toward Lady Emerlina just about to call for the Guards.. knowing they would come if she called out fearfully..then she heard her name spoken..she moistened her lips, she was not sure..if this was friend or foe..."and if I am?" She called out hesitantly..."who be you that asks?" She quietly slid her dagger from its sheath...the sound unheard..she palmed it...
    [12:07 AM] Crymm Clowes removed his hand from the handle of Destiny's Rock and laughed heartily "you of all people ought to know! It's Badrick..." He took a few steps towards the wall to his right
    [12:07 AM] shanelle Cerise: Badrick! Oh you wretched man!
    [12:08 AM] Emeralina Lisa exhales a relieved laugh into her cupped palms
    [12:08 AM] Crymm Clowes grinned pounding a fist to his chest "wretched? I'm not that bad I don't think, am I?"
    [12:08 AM] shanelle Cerise drags Emi from the right of the pillar and out into the open,,"I didn't even recognize your voice... you are becoming such the warrior... with your manly disposition...
    [12:09 AM] shanelle Cerise: Lady Em have you met Badrick?
    [12:10 AM] Emeralina Lisa: I've seen him, but our paths have not yet crossed afore tonight
    [12:10 AM] shanelle Cerise: brb
    [12:10 AM] Crymm Clowes chuckled "I am your Lord brother's squire Lady Thresia," he finished speaking taking a bow "a pleasure to meet you lady"
    [12:11 AM] Emeralina Lisa thinks to herself that makes him same rank as herself
    [12:11 AM] shanelle Cerise: bk
    [12:11 AM] shanelle Cerise: Badrick have you met the Lady Em? she is from Highgarden
    [12:12 AM] shanelle Cerise: she is being fostered here
    [12:12 AM] Emeralina Lisa: An honour Ser
    [12:13 AM] Crymm Clowes bowed once more "the honor is mine, of course" he stretched and sighed "so yeah about that door slammer.."
    [12:14 AM] Emeralina Lisa listens
    [12:14 AM] shanelle Cerise looked at Badrick slyly..."mmhmmm... a door slammer..." she thought he was guilty... as he did have that guilty expression written all over his face..
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    [12:16 AM] Crymm Clowes pointed.. that way "it was uh coming from over there so I was going to poke around figuratively of course and see if I could find the culprit"
    [12:19 AM] Emeralina Lisa strides right up to the door nd tsts it to see if the wind couldhave blown it
    [12:21 AM] shanelle Cerise slid her dirk back i nto its sheath as she watched the bold and beautiful Emeralina as she strode up to the door.."have a care, Emi... there could be a thief or a murderer waiting beyond or behind that door.. she looked toward Badrick..."well? go find him!"
    [12:22 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Well now that we have a male to watch us we have nothing to worry about
    [12:22 AM] shanelle Cerise: isn't that your room, Badrick?
    [12:22 AM] shanelle Cerise: are you hiding someone or something in your room?
    [12:23 AM] shanelle Cerise looked at him suspiciously
    [12:23 AM] Crymm Clowes laughed and nodded "of course Lady Thresia" he shook his head "my lady, this is best left to a trained man with a sharp sword" he smiled the scars creasing he shook his head and pointed the other way "I MEANT it came from down there"
    [12:23 AM] Emeralina Lisa: I don't hear breathing
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    [12:24 AM] shanelle Cerise looked down the hall, the same hall that she walked often... and by herself..."an intruder?" Guards!!! she started to call for them... but then silenced herself, lest she give away their position to any interloper...
    [12:25 AM] Crymm Clowes shook his head at the lady from highgarden and called out "my Lady, I must insist you come back and allow me to investigate men up here are more dangerous I'm sure than you're used to"
    [12:26 AM] Emeralina Lisa: What is it? Your legs don't work now?
    [12:26 AM] Emeralina Lisa: If I were attacked you're unable to come to my aid?
    [12:26 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Oh this shall be the prized tidbit in the sewing circle
    [12:26 AM] Crymm Clowes raised a brow "the best practice is for you to remain back so I don't have to worry about someone attacking you as Destiny's Rock is heavier than most blades, now get back"
    [12:27 AM] shanelle Cerise was never one interested in sewing circles, so glad she had other skills, such as shooting a bow, and riding her horse... she shook her head.. and held back as the squire insisted...
    [12:27 AM] shanelle Cerise: do as he suggests
    [12:27 AM] Emeralina Lisa snorts at his impudence, stomps her foot and obeys his command with crossed arms anda nose in the air
    [12:28 AM] Emeralina Lisa crosses her arms
    [12:29 AM] Emeralina Lisa tsks I'm back here now
    [12:29 AM] Crymm Clowes shook his head "southerners.." he walked over keeping a hand on Destiny's Rock pushing the library door open looking around then stepped inside letting his back remain in the ares he'd already looked over noting no one he stepped back out with a shrug moving to the room across from it "Lady Thresia does anyone occupy this room?"
    [1[12:31 AM] shanelle Cerise: aye.. Lady Elisabeth
    [12:31 AM] Emeralina Lisa waits until his back is turned then slinks forwars to peer around the corner
    [12:32 AM] shanelle Cerise held back and peered around the corner as Badrick went hunting for whatever predator was there... Thresia dragged Emi back.. so she could see better.
    [12:32 AM] shanelle Cerise tossed Badrick a key to that door..
    [12:32 AM] Emeralina Lisa acks and frumples
    [12:32 AM] shanelle Cerise: catch
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    [12:34 AM] Crymm Clowes fumbled the the key then held it tight sliding it into the keyhole giving it a good turn slowly opening the door lifting the torch from the wall to peer inside he noted nothing inside and shut the door locking it once more "you both are safe to come this far, next pair of rooms for me"
    [12:35 AM] Emeralina Lisa frumples
    [12:35 AM] Emeralina Lisa: You need to trim your nose hairs
    [12:36 AM] Door Unlocked.
    [12:36 AM] Has been opened by shanelle !
    [12:36 AM] Crymm Clowes chuckled once again placing his hand on the handle of his greatsword he blinked "my nosehairs are just fine, keeps my nostrils warm, I apologize you haven't learnt the joys of having facial hair in this frigid environment my lady"
    [12:36 AM] Emeralina Lisa: I stay by the fire
    [12:36 AM] shanelle Cerise giggles
    [12:36 AM] Sorry Crymm, but this door is locked.
    [12:36 AM] Sorry Crymm, but this door is locked.
    [12:36 AM] Door Unlocked.
    [12:36 AM] Has been opened by shanelle !
    [12:37 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Are we almost done?
    [12:37 AM] Emeralina Lisa: I need to resume my watch over the cookie jar
    [12:37 AM] shanelle Cerise: the intruder must have gone
    [12:37 AM] Crymm Clowes shook his head and steppd in looking around calling over his shoulder "my Lady you would do best not to anger the man who will be the one sacrificing his life so you may live comfortably"
    [12:37 AM] shanelle Cerise giggles
    [12:38 AM] Emeralina Lisa: Well i wouldn't be living comfortably if I hd to hold my tongue now would I?
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    [12:39 AM] Crymm Clowes stepped out with a wide smirk across his features "I'm just sayin' might be a smart idea" he nodded "you might learn there are times TO hold your tongue and times not to" he shook his head looking back to Lady Thresia "I will stay up and keep watch for any suspicious people. I apologize if this has interrupted your rest"
    [12:40 AM] Emeralina Lisa taps her foot and grumples thank you for your sacrificing
    [12:43 AM] Emeralina Lisa: (bed time, nice meeting you)
    [12:43 AM] Crymm Clowes: ((rest well!))
    [12:44 AM] shanelle Cerise grinned a bit.. she was always appreciative when it came to the men in the house, k nowing she was safe because of them, although she had her doubts about the other guards, who did not appear to know the first thing about riding a horse...she pondered slipping away for a few hours and going riding out in the night and the woods, knowing not many could keep up with her let alone catch her... unless of course she had a slow and lazy retinue demanding she ride between them.. she giggled again at the cery intuitive Badrick..but she would not go this evneing as se was tiring fast and would seek her nice warm bed..."I would expect you to stand outside my chamber this night then, and remain awake with your trusted Destiny's Rock to keep you company and keep watch over my person... my Brother would not want you to allow anythign to happen to me, I think.." she said..
    [12:44 AM] shanelle Cerise: (sleep well Emi)
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    [12:45 AM] Crymm Clowes bowed "then stand outside your room I shall do"

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