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    Catching an imposter

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    Catching an imposter Empty Catching an imposter

    Post by Badrick Flint on Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:52 pm

    [10:09:48] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) stood upwith a loud yawn rubing his eyes blinking a few times he walked over to the basin of water splashing it on his face before dressing completely slipping Destiny's Rock on his back again ()

    [10:10:36] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) sat up in her bead, and let out a piercing scream as a rat ran across her bedding and across the floor under the curtain to her bath. ()

    [10:12:27] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) pulled Destiny's Rock out as the scream moving to the door at the end of the hallway pushing at it to no avail kicking at it ()

    [10:15:29] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) used the pommel of the sword to knock on the door calling out "Lady Thresia! Is all well in there?" ()

    [10:32:23] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) pounded on the door then attempted to open it finding it locked ()

    [11:10:26] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) pressed his ear to the door listening closely to try and hear anything inside of the room ()

    [11:10:47] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) had her ear pressed to her door having thought she heard something outside of it ()

    [11:11:19] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) knocked again "Lady Thresia... I heard a scream, is all well inside?" ()

    [11:11:58] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) jumped back from the door.."aye.. it was but a big rat - my cats will get it I'm sure." ()

    [11:12:42] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) let a long sigh out slipping Destiny's Rock in it's sheath "I'm glad to hear it was only a rat lady Thresia" ()

    [11:15:56] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) called out "do you have any further need Lady Thresia?" ()

    [11:16:09] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) chuckles a bit ()

    [11:16:16] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): what a loaded question that Badrick ()

    [11:17:09] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) raised a brow and scratched his head "I don't follow what you mean Lady Thresia?" ()

    [11:17:27] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) snickers a bit... ()

    [11:17:46] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): no I'm fine Badrick, return to your duties ()

    [11:18:24] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) she paused in her bedclothes, then slipped out of them, now naked... letting them drop to the floor, as she moved to her bathing room, and i nto the hot water a servant girl had brought a bit ago... for her morning rituals ()

    [11:19:06] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) backed up and bent down getting a curious peek in the keyhole calling out "as you wish Lady Thresia I wish you a pleasant afternoon" he took a step back and turned to make his way back down to go on his patrols ()

    [11:21:37] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) had just drawn the curtains, knowing that often men would peek curiously into a Lady's bedchamber to catch a peek of soft doe kissed flesh.. bare to the world for the first time.. her own innocence unquenched as she drew the curtain, all he'd seen was perhaps a bare ankle as she padded lightly through thickly piled furs then stepped into the very warm water...sighing with a bit of releif ()

    [11:23:26] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) laid back quite nude in her bath.. as the steam rose upward to envelope her in its warmth, the oils within lending moisture to her flanks and further, as she felt the serving girl wash her hair.. she closed her eyes as her scalp was then massaged. ()

    [11:24:48] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) stepped into his room instead hanging Destiny's Rock on the wall as he sat down on the small bed rubbing his neck with a long sigh he rubbed his face in his hands wondering why he had felt the slightest need to peek in the keyhole like that. It was outside of his normal behavior so he slumped his head in thought quietly ()

    [11:33:50] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) smacked himself on the cheek a few times with a sigh but looked up with a bit of a smirk ()

    [11:39:26] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) closed her eyes as she rested in the tub, wondering at the new look of the squire, he'd gotten older now, as she slipped from the tub..water slewing down her naked young form...a towel wrapped about her as she was dried off..the servant girl assisting as a towel was wrapped about her hair... and hands moved to applie oils and lotions to her delicate skin.. goose bumps tickling her flesh as she stepped into the piled floor ()

    [11:45:03] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) slid the thick leather jacket off picking up the normal uniform he'd been given when he arrived he quickly slid into it grabbing the bastard sword from the wall hooking it to his belt ()

    [11:53:08] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) stepped out into the hallway stretching once more he looked around noting it was all too peaceful minus a few servants skittering back and forth here and there ()

    [11:53:16] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) hears a knock at her door, as she slipps on a bedrobe she commands the servant irl toanswer it and the seamstress comes in arms piled with gowns... laying them on her bed, the servant girl shuts the door, throwing the bolt.. and once more Lady thresia allows the bed gown to fall to her feet ()

    [11:53:35] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): oh the dresses! ()

    [11:53:55] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) exclaimed with joy... she moved up to admire each beautiful piece... ()

    [11:55:07] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): one intricate gown was heled on ()

    [11:55:21] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): helped* ()

    [11:56:17] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) moved to the library opening the door he moved inside picking a book from the shelf leaving a note written in his messy scrawling letting the librarian know he borrowed it tucking it into the pocket of the uniform ()

    [12:04:02] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) removed the gown with assistance,to once more stand there naked before both women,,, "oh!" one excliaimed..."what beautiful skin you have my Lady, " the other exclaimed , " what beautiful taste you have my Lady, " all these were the latest n fashion in Highgarden... their style cards having been copied by the seamstress, while fabrics had been imported for her use. ()

    [12:05:32] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) sat down with his back to the wall of the library flipping through the book reading the first page intently ()

    [12:12:59] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) shooed the servant girl away, because she was embarrassing her, and thought perhaps she stole one of her rings, she was not sure, it had been on the table... but the girl was unknown and had taken off down th hall... "Badrick!" Thresia had exclaimed.... hoping he would catch that girl and recover her property. ()

    [12:13:59] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) closed the book and stood seeing a servant rushing past he reached out to grip her by the arm "where's the rush?" ()

    [12:15:36] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) went to the door.."Badrick!" Again she shouted..... she sighed and closed her rood.. shook her head.. "I know I left it there....." she said, the seamstress shook herhead... "thank you for te gowns they are beauiful.." the woman curtsied to her, and then slipped out.. Thresia would leave them there ont he bed, save the one she wore... she again moved to the door and looked out... then moved to the hall, to try to find that girl...who she knew stole her ring.. ()

    [12:16:06] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) smirked a s she began to bable and pulled her behind him moving towards Lady Thresia's room once again he threw the door to the stairs up keeping his grip on the servants arm tight ()

    [12:16:31] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): oh Badrick! ()

    [12:16:46] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) pushes the servant woman towards the wall "I believe you were looking for thi lady Thresia?" ()

    [12:17:13] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) spied the girl that helped withher bath in his grips, Thresia pried open the girls hand and found her ruby ring clutched in her hand... ()

    [12:17:16] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): thief! ()

    [12:17:54] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): aye, that I was, she stole my ruby ring my brother gave me! ()

    [12:18:20] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) frowned in the torch light the scars once again all too apparent on his face he stepped forward gripping the servant's arm once more in his large hand "what would you have me do Lady Thresia?" ()

    [12:22:03] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) tore at the cloth over the woman's breast... "how dare you steal from me!" It was not as if Thresia did no already give so much to the poor folk, but this woman was not even of Winterfell, or so it seemed.. Thresia raised her hand and gripped her face and turn3ed it this way and that.."this is no servant, she is an imposter!" She drew her hand back and looked at Badrick, "My brother, Lord of Winterfell, and Warden of the North..." She said these words to put fear in the woman's she knew of course that Badrick knew who he was a squire of..."Should be given the right to see to her ultimate punishment...for now... throw her into the dungeon, under chains...take her clothing from her, give her a potato sack to wear.. and take her shoes from her... one blanket she is afforded!" Thresia sneared at her... that will teach you to steal from your betters, wench! ()

    [12:24:48] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) noted the lower cut dress on Lady Thresia then looked down to the imposter servant he nodded to Lady Thresia dipping as he gave the woman's arm a harsh tug "as you wish Lady Thresia. I'll also tell Lord Stark she was found so he may enact punishment as he sees fit later and possibly to find out who sent her" he took a final discreet glance with a bit of a sly grin then turned pushing the door open pulling the screaming woman through the halls ()

    [12:29:14] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) motioned to two of the other guards and watched as they stripped her throwing a potato sack at the woman then giving her nothing more than a single blanket he pulled a key from the ring and pulled the heavy barred door shut with a loud clang, slipping the key into the hole he locked it giving the door a few shakes to ensure it wouldn't be opened unless it were by someoen on the outside he turned back making his way back to the stair well assuming, of course Lady Thresia still stood there he pulled the door open dipping at the waist "the woman has been imprisoned and given a potato sack as you had wished Lady Thresia" ()

    [12:29:39] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) had noticed Badricks gaze, she peered down and tugged the bodice up somewhat, thinking pehraps too much bosom was showing, she smiled a bit.. then tugged the bodice back downward....pausing as Badrick came back.. ()

    [12:31:21] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) nodded her head... she thought perhaps it was quite a bit drafty in that there hallway and she had taken off from her rooms without her cloak..she rubbed her arms... and smiled to Badrick, "I am very fortunate that you were where you where when you caught that woman, I wonder who sent her. ()

    [12:32:56] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) blinked and averted his gaze once more looking straight instead of down to look at her face he offered a smile and nodded "I was studying some old maps I found, the sound carries well through the halls" he clenched his large fists "Gods help me if I find out it was a Lannister or Targaryen servant" ()

    [12:37:49] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) looked down at the ring in her hand, it was not the ruby ring after all but her signet ring, one that had the Stark Sigil upon it, that of which she often used to seal wax with... on important documents..."I wonder... why was my seal stolen? What purpose?" She gasped at the ultimate perfidy filled her mind... someone had sent her to steal that of which they would know she did not wear to bed... but placed upon her nightstand, that would mean that someone from their own home had given private information..."there appears to be a spy in our house.... find out who it is, and let my Brother know." ()

    [12:38:50] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) raised a brow "who do you suspect it is? Who would know where you place such an object?" ()

    [12:42:43] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) looked him directly in the eyes... for the first time, noticing his features...she blinked several times... then came to her senses..."I wouldn't to ask the servants, maybe Janey would know best?" Janey had been with the Starks for a very long time... and she was the most loyal, she would never give away secrets... it must have been a servant that had left recently.. Thresia wondered.. and would continue to wonder.. who would wish their family ill? "I know not, but there must be an answer somewhere!" She nodded to Him, took her skirt in one hand hiking it up as she raced up the stairs... ()

    [12:43:45] Badrick Flint (crymm.clowes) nodded and moved to look for Janey ()

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