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    Lady Thresia and the new Head Servant

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    Lady Thresia and the new Head Servant Empty Lady Thresia and the new Head Servant

    Post by Janey Gallais on Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:44 pm

    [14:11] shanelle Cerise stood outside the servant Janey's quarters.. she lifted her hand to knock but then paused.. she wondered, was it her place to ask of this.. or would it not be seen as unseemly, and then why would it be unseemly to ask of such? was she not a part of this household, was she not her brothers sister? why yes she was, she lifted her hand and knocked soundly on the thick door having heard movement within..."Janey are you there?"

    [14:13] shanelle Cerise had found earlier in the day an older cloak of hers, one with a sable fur collar, she had had it delivered to the girl, knowing she often went out of the castle, and it was cold enough as it were, and the wish to keep the woman warm was always something we enjoyed here in Winterfell... she waited outside the door for the girl to open it, having something to request of her...

    [14:15] Janey Gallais bows and smiles "Lady Thresia, how are you today?" she looks around the room, wishing she had cleaned up a bit

    [14:15] shanelle Cerise saw the door open and she moved inside swiftly.. looking around at the small chambers.."ah.. Janey .. you received the gift I sent you earlier?" She tapped her foot slightly as she nodded, " yes I'm well too.. I hope you are doing well inside the castle now."

    [14:16] Janey Gallais smiles "I love it, it's too much, you's so beautiful. But it is a lot warmer than my old one, so I thank you very much, you didn't have to do that."

    [14:16] shanelle Cerise: I was meaning to speak to you about an important matter, Janey.

    [14:17] Janey Gallais 's eyes perk up "Yes, m'lady?"

    [14:18] shanelle Cerise: It is nothing really, I was just clearing out my closet, making room for new clothing when I came across it, it is old, but I never weari t anymore, and I noticed you have not worn yours recently... perhaps its become old.. beddraggled... mine was newer perhaps, worn a few times, then I tired of it, I have many I may use.. I hope you get much use of it.

    [14:20] shanelle Cerise: I was meaning to ask you, and I'm sure that Lord Flint... Nathaniel has spoken to you perhaps about the need for someone to bein charge of the other servants, you have been here long enough, you know your way around pretty well, and the other servants look up to you quite often, so I would like to make you head Servant.. you will be in charge, and make decisions on whether things need replaced, if we need a new girl or lad, and all that.. think you can handle that responsibilty??

    [14:23] Janey Gallais nods "He did mention that some of the servants around here did he put it...lazy...? I agree with him, I do think they, and the Stark family would benefit from someone being in charge...I would gladly take that responsibility, get things in order around here."

    [14:28] shanelle Cerise smiled ..."GOOD! That is great news to hear then, Get busy then, Janey, there are a lot of girls here that just laze about, in fact one came in two weeks ago and stole my signet ring, I think that hateful girl is still rotting in her dank cell in the dungeon.. you should check on her, never did get her name, but I think she was sent by the Lannisters to spy, she was taking my signet ring for whatever ill-begotten purpose she had, she was caught by myself and by Nathaniel, but be sure to be strong, and do not hesitate to bring any disobedient servant to my or my Brothers attention. I'm tired of waking and not having a servant there to assist with my bath."

    [14:31] Janey Gallais nods and bows ''I will, m'lday....I'm honored you thought of me for the job. I know who you speak of, and, truth be told, I am looking forward to reminding them how lucky they are to be serving such a family. If there is ever anything from now on that needs addressed, do not hesitate to ask me."

    [14:33] shanelle Cerise lifted her skirts, looked at the girl, and smiled.."you will make an excellent head servant, Janey, we look forward to a smoother running house.." and with that she turned about pulled the door open and departed the room... she thought of perhaps getting Janey a larger bed, one that she might actually be comfortable in... pausing she made a mental note and left the hall...

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