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    The new Captain of the Guard

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    The new Captain of the Guard Empty The new Captain of the Guard

    Post by Janey Gallais on Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:36 pm

    [20:25] Crymm Clowes shook his head and turned bowing "my lord"
    [20:25] Pepe Sautereau walks into the room and sits down on the throne
    [20:26] Pepe Sautereau bows his head
    [20:26] Janey Gallais nods "M'Lord....good evening.."
    [20:26] Pepe Sautereau "how does the night fair you Janey"
    [20:28] Cuthwin: *Bows his head, just happy yo see a Great Lord*
    [20:28] Janey Gallais smiles "Well, M'Lord....we have guests...they're thinking of staying in Winterfell...
    [20:29] Crymm Clowes nodded and motioned behind him "a man named Cuthwin and I'll imagine a wife or something, Janey redirected them to the dining hall"
    [20:36] Pepe Sautereau nodded "welcome them properly, and see that they are taken care of"
    [20:37] Janey Gallais turns to see who has arrived and gasps "Lord Faust! You've returned!"
    [20:37] Diomy Takakura smiled as she walked forward
    [20:38] Crymm Clowes heard Janey and turned bowing "Lord and Lady Karvalius"
    [20:38] Diomy Takakura bowed to her lord
    [20:38] Diomy Takakura bowed to all in the room , "Good evening"
    [20:38] Janey Gallais remembers her manners and bow, then grins and winks at Diomy
    [20:38] Aizam entered the hall with a serious face. Across his albino face one or two burning scars were spread.
    [20:38] Aizam bows to Lord Stark. "My Lord" he says sternly.
    [20:39] Pepe Sautereau stands to welcome his advisor home "Faust, your absence has been sorely missed, welcome home!"
    [20:40] Aizam: I'm sorry to have been kept so long from my duties, my Lord, but our beloved southerners loved my company so much they decided that I shouldn't leave.
    [20:40] Aizam smiled ironically.
    [20:40] Diomy Takakura chuckled
    [20:41] Pepe Sautereau looks to faust, confused 'i guess, so how were the inlaws"
    [20:41] Aizam: They were an interesting lot.
    [20:41] Aizam: Diomy has quite a blood.
    [20:41] Diomy Takakura eyed Faust and blushed
    [20:41] Aizam: Dorne wasn't a problem, although they do have a lot of differente...erm...customs.
    [20:42] Diomy Takakura: Ha!
    [20:42] Aizam 's expression got a bit more serious.
    [20:42] Aizam: But that was not the problem, my Lord.
    [20:43] Pepe Sautereau "there customs are indeed different, what seems to be the issues there?"
    [20:43] Crymm Clowes looked over hearing the change in tone keeping silent
    [20:44] Aizam: Not there. When I was coming north I've had problems with crown's men several times regarding a certain "rogue northerner KING" which I supposedly served.
    [20:44] Aizam: I had to keep my travels confined to the most deserted, small, irregular and circunspect trails.
    [20:44] Aizam: In order to avoid patrols of King's Landing's crown.
    [20:45] Aizam: I had no problem about that after the trident, however. They just seemd to stop chasing me after some time.
    [20:45] Aizam: Gave me quite some trouble, though.
    [20:45] Diomy Takakura gave another worried look at Faust and breathed out
    [20:46] Pepe Sautereau looks troubled "and here he comes to our home, to offer us peace, all while trying to kill my men in the south"
    [20:46] Aizam: Well, my lord... It was quite some time ago.
    [20:47] Aizam: I don't think word travels as fast. Not GOOD word. You know what they say... Dark wings, dark words.
    [20:47] Crymm Clowes raised a brow as he listened and frowned the scars on his face all very apparent at the news
    [20:48] Pepe Sautereau nods then smiles "but you came back to us still! this is a good night indeed, you come back to us and badrick... er Nathaniel is now captain of the guard and now Lord of Flints Fingers
    [20:48] Aizam gave Lord Flint a stern yet friendly smile, like the light snowfall on a clear night.
    [20:49] Aizam: Congratulations Lord Flint.
    [20:49] Aizam: You're now charged with defendeing the north, like we all. It is a noble duty.
    [20:50] Diomy Takakura gave Janey and Nathaniel a sly smile
    [20:50] Crymm Clowes smiled and nodded "thank you, I have been doing my best to do so and will continue til the day I die"
    [20:50] Aizam: Well said, young Lord.
    [20:50] Aizam: Well said.
    [20:51] Aizam gave Flint a quick nod of satisfaction and a smile as hard and honest as a glacier.
    [20:51] Diomy Takakura giggled accidentally watching her husband and quickly covered her mouth
    [20:51] Crymm Clowes fumbled about then looked to Janey and leaned over asking quietly "know where I left that statue?"
    [20:52] Janey Gallais calmly reaches into her pocket and pulls something out, handing it to him
    [20:53] Pepe Sautereau "you all have returned at the right time, it seems we are drawing more people to us who do not wish to support Lord Targaryen"
    [20:53] Crymm Clowes took it from her and winked "thanks" he held it up "I have been working my lord on something to show you my appreciation for taking me as a squire" he stopped then "so we're going to go to war over this all?"
    [20:54] Pepe Sautereau shakes his head, "no not yet, continue with what you were saying"
    [20:55] Crymm Clowes held the small carved and painted wolf out "I carved this for you, since the Stark house's symbol is a direwolf, I made it a gray direwolf, my lord"
    [20:55] Pepe Sautereau smiles and takes it out of his hands, "it is well done Nathaniel, very intricate"
    [20:56] Pepe Sautereau looks at it, studys it, noting its muscular chest and powerful legs, fearsome jaws and features "you must have worked hard on this"
    [20:57] Crymm Clowes nodded "it took me a while but as I said I wanted to find a small token to give you to show appreciation for all you have done for me"
    [20:57] Aizam smiled approvingly.
    [20:57] Pepe Sautereau smiles "it was not needed Nathaniel, your presence was reward enough, but thank you, i shall put this on a shelf in my chambers to display"
    [20:58] Crymm Clowes looked to Janey a moment "and I also have something to share"
    [20:58] Diomy Takakura smiled
    [20:58] Janey Gallais smiles to herself
    [20:59] Diomy Takakura looked over at Faust and eyed his figure as his back was turned
    [21:00] Pepe Sautereau smiles and nods, "and what is that Nathaniel"
    [21:00] Crymm Clowes grinned widely "I spoke to Janey after you last evening my lord, and she is to be Lady Flint soon"
    [21:01] Pepe Sautereau shakes his head 'i cannot allow this, i told you that already"
    [21:01] Aizam nodded. He had heard the news from his wife as soon as his steps crossed the threshold.
    [21:01] Crymm Clowes raised a brow "last evening you said I could?"
    [21:01] Pepe Sautereau smiles and laughs "for you are not lord yet, but lets change that "
    [21:01] Janey Gallais narrows her eyes at Lord Vayon and smiles
    [21:02] Pepe Sautereau "follow me to the throne Nathaniel"
    [21:02] Crymm Clowes let a long sigh out and grinned "almost gave me a heart attack here!"
    [21:02] Aizam let out a laugh. By the gods of the north.. It was good to be back home.
    [21:02] Diomy Takakura chuckled
    [21:03] Diomy Takakura sighed
    [21:03] Pepe Sautereau "kneel Nathaniel, and prepare to take your oaths"
    [21:04] Crymm Clowes stepped up kneeling down as requested keeping his eyes lowered
    [21:05] Janey Gallais looks at Diomy out of the corner of her eye
    [21:05] Pepe Sautereau "now speak your words true and swear them to the old gods you serve, to your lord and to your home, repeat these to me and all to hear"
    [21:05] Crymm Clowes looked up and offered a nod listening closely
    [21:08] Pepe Sautereau "I , Nathaniel Flint of Flints Fingers, swear fealty to Lord Vayon Stark of Winterfell, son of the former Lord Kendrick Stark, and do swear my blade and my life to his defense and that of Winterfell, do my duty in the labors of country and home, to honor and protect all within the walls of Winterfell and the realm of the North"
    [21:09] Crymm Clowes repeated word for word speaking loudly "I , Nathaniel Flint of Flints Fingers, swear fealty to Lord Vayon Stark of Winterfell, son of the former Lord Kendrick Stark, and do swear my blade and my life to his defense and that of Winterfell, do my duty in the labors of country and home, to honor and protect all within the walls of Winterfell and the realm of the North"
    [21:16] Crymm Clowes slowly stood up and smiled bowing once more "thank you my lord"
    [21:17] Pepe Sautereau "now nathaniel i give to you your first order, this is your most important order"
    [21:18] Crymm Clowes looked up remaining quiet to hear out his orders
    [21:18] Pepe Sautereau: walk over to janey, take the knee, and swear to her, then kiss her and be done with it" laughs
    [21:19] Diomy Takakura chuckled
    [21:19] Aizam smiled tenderly for the first time in months, fondly remembering his first promises to Diomy. The ones that lead to their wedding.
    [21:19] Janey Gallais shakes her head feeling her cheeks redden
    [21:20] Crymm Clowes laughed "no eating any animal hearts my lord?" he grinned and walked over to Janey taking her hands in his bending down the same he had only moments ago looking up into her eyes
    [21:20] Diomy Takakura smiled widely, and sighed
    [21:21] Aizam grabbed his wife's hand.
    [21:22] Diomy Takakura held her husbands hand and smiled , looking into Fausts eyes for a moment
    [21:22] Aizam had a very steely and poseful expression, with tender reddish cheeks.
    [21:24] Crymm Clowes smiled up at her and spoke clearly "Janey, I promise to be the best man I can be to you. I promise always to protect you, keep you warm, as well as well fed. If any man should so harm you, he will feel the wrath of a man part savage and part Bolton and may the gods new or old have mercy on them if I should catch them" he grinned as he looked up to gauge her reaction
    [21:24] Diomy Takakura gave her husband an adoring look, then focused on her friends, sighing
    [21:25] Janey Gallais looks down at Badrick and wrinkles her nose and grins
    21:29] Crymm Clowes kept looking up at her "so Janey, I now ask you as Lord Flint of Flint's fingers, will you be my lady?"
    [21:30] Janey Gallais puts her finger to her lips, pretending to think about it, then nods "Of course I will.
    [21:31] Diomy Takakura: "HA!" Diomy chuckled at Janey's reation
    [21:31] Aizam looked at Diomy as if silently going "she's spend quite some time with you did she not?"
    [21:32] Pepe Sautereau laughs "very well, it is done, you are betrothed and will me married in winterfell"
    [21:32] Diomy Takakura: Indeed!
    [21:32] Crymm Clowes laughed and stood up with a grin leaning down to quickly press his lips to hers then looked up "how soon my lord?"
    21:33] Pepe Sautereau "how the hell would i know... it is up to you, of course i do need time to get a moose heart" chuckles
    [21:35] Janey Gallais shakes her head "There will be no moose heart, or any other part of a moose....M'lord..."
    [21:35] Pepe Sautereau nods "deer it is then"
    [21:35] Janey Gallais shakes her head and throws her hands up a little, smiling
    [21:35] Crymm Clowes laughed "damn our children are going to be a terror!"
    [21:36] Diomy Takakura chuckled
    21:37] Crymm Clowes grinned "well how's tomorrow work?"
    [21:37] Pepe Sautereau shakes his head "busy.. how about the next day?"
    [21:38] Janey Gallais puts her hand on Nathaniel's shoulder "I need a little more time than that, dear..."
    [21:38] Diomy Takakura raised her eyebrow
    [21:38] Crymm Clowes laughed "next week?"
    [21:38] Pepe Sautereau laughs "calm down there Nathaniel., you will have your time, just let me know when you two decide"
    [21:38] Janey Gallais looks at Diomy "You know you can't get all your fussing over me in a dress done in a day!"
    [21:39] Diomy Takakura: Hell no i cant!
    [21:39] Diomy Takakura: At least a week...
    [21:39] Diomy Takakura shook her head
    [21:39] Aizam nodded.
    [21:39] Crymm Clowes grinned and bowed "we'll discuss it soon and let you know the time and date we agree on my lord"
    [21:39] Aizam: Our wedding took a bit more than that to be planned.
    [21:40] Diomy Takakura nodded, "I had bought several dresses too"
    [21:41] Janey Gallais gives Diomy a look "You're already plotting, aren't you?"
    [21:41] Diomy Takakura: Yes
    [21:41] Diomy Takakura: I was always plotting..
    [21:41] Aizam: ahahahahahaha
    [21:41] Pepe Sautereau laughs
    [21:41] Janey Gallais smiles
    [21:42] Crymm Clowes laughed and looked to Janey
    [21:42] Pepe Sautereau "Nathaniel,Faust, come forth, let the women plot the wedding, i need to speak with both you"

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