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    Poisions and Mushrooms (Feat. Niky Snow, Lady Diomy Karvalius, Lady Thresia Stark, &Jorah Algood)

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    Poisions and Mushrooms (Feat. Niky Snow, Lady Diomy Karvalius, Lady Thresia Stark, &Jorah Algood) Empty Poisions and Mushrooms (Feat. Niky Snow, Lady Diomy Karvalius, Lady Thresia Stark, &Jorah Algood)

    Post by Lady Diomy Karvalius on Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:11 pm

    19:10] Niky Ansar: hello Lady Diomy
    [19:10] Diomy Takakura: Good evening
    [19:10] Niky Ansar: how are you tonight?
    [19:11] Diomy Takakura: I am well, you?
    [19:12] Niky Ansar: i was asleep giggles i took a nap this afternoon
    [19:12] Niky Ansar: i feel good
    [19:12] Niky Ansar: whats been going on?
    [19:12] Diomy Takakura: not much
    [19:13] Diomy Takakura: I just got on
    [19:14] Diomy Takakura: my family is getting on my nerves a little
    [19:18] Diomy Takakura sighed
    [19:18] Diomy Takakura: so, how is your night?
    [19:18] Niky Ansar: i am doing well but i need to do something i will be right back
    [19:19] Diomy Takakura nodded and smiled
    [19:19] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) stumbles in noisily he then removes the cloak hanging it up on the hook he inspects the two women noting the darker skinned one from his last visit offering little more than a g'day to you both" before making his way to climb up on the bench
    [19:20] Diomy Takakura looked over at the door, hearing the entry of a patron she had seen before and greeted him, "Good evening, Ser"
    [19:20] Niky Ansar: oh hello
    [19:21] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) rights himself on the bench keeping the short sword arranged for now, smirking as he looked up once more "if only a dwarf could be a ser!"
    [19:21] Niky Ansar: Hello My lord i am Niky what can i get you to drink?
    [19:22] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) holds the leather flask up "i carry Dornish red with me wherever i go, though a top off won't hurt" Jorah held the flask out extended as much as his arm would allow
    [19:22] Diomy Takakura looked down and smoothed out her dress and walked away from Mirandolina
    [19:23] Niky Ansar: fill it up then for you would you like some food we have some good soup
    [19:23] Niky Ansar: takes the flask and goes to the wine bottles
    [19:23] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) calls out "no soup for me thank you just some Dornish red"
    [19:23] Niky Ansar: picks a Dornish wine and fills the flask
    [19:24] Niky Ansar: we have some breads and some meats too
    [19:24] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) galloped through the Godswood to the tavern, sliding off her horse, she walked inside, the door opened to let a gust of cold winters wind into the tavern, she nodded to those present, and went to a table... spying the tavern mistress.. "mead." Expecting a barmaid within to bring it swiftly...
    [19:25] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise): evening Niky Snow, Lady Diomy
    [19:25] Niky Ansar: hands the full flask back to the man and smiles as she puts her hand out that is 3 coppers for the refill
    [19:25] Diomy Takakura listens and glances over her shoulder, curious, but turned to see her ladyship walk through the door. Diomy smiled and bowed, "Good eve M'lady"
    [19:25] Niky Ansar: good evening my lady
    [19:26] Niky Ansar: curtsies toward the lady Stark
    [19:26] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) nodded to the stranger, as the barmaid brought the beverage she quaffed the brew, and held her tankard out for more...
    [19:26] Niky Ansar: can i get you some mulled wine your ladyship?
    [19:27] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) slides a silver lion into the woman's hand corking the flask he looks over to the woman both greeted inspecting her features carefully but not staring too long. Jorah uncorked the flask taking a long drink calling out "g'day to you as well milady"
    [19:27] Niky Ansar: takes the tankard and refills it
    [19:28] Niky Ansar: hands the tankard to her ladyship
    [19:28] Diomy Takakura backed away, noting that she was armed...'Official business' Diomy knew when not to interrupt. Instead she glided towards Jorah, interested in his new visit..
    [19:28] Niky Ansar: returns to the newcomer
    [19:29] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) nodded to the half man, "good eventide, Ser, and you be?" She would command, her own eyes would gently trail over his strange form, she had not seen a dwarf before now, this was her first at that, she took the refill, and nodded to Niky Snow.. use the newly delivered Sweet red Wine from Highgarden, I'm eager to have its taste upon my lips!
    [19:29] Niky Ansar puts two coppers change on the table for the man
    [19:30] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) laughs once again, the laugh seeming too loud for such a man. Jorah offered the best wolfish smile he could "Jorah Algood, and you?"
    [19:32] Niky Ansar: and where is jorah algood from ?
    [19:32] Niky Ansar: and what brings him to Winterfell in this cold?
    [19:32] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) raises a bushy brow at the tavern keep, or what he assumed was "not quite the business of a tavernkeep is it?"
    [19:33] Niky Ansar: probably not but then giggles most men love to tell of their adventurees
    [19:34] Niky Ansar: you would be surprised at the things whispered in my ears giggles
    [19:34] Niky Ansar: ignores his snapishness
    [19:34] Diomy Takakura eyed Mirandolina as she inserted some kind of odd looking meat into the soup and went over to ask her about it.
    [19:35] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) eyed the man silently hearing her mare explode in temper outside, she wondered what was bothering her, hoping that damned knight had not returned, she caressed the steel at her thigh, as she waited for her beverage to come knowing it would warm her well.."I am Lady Thresia Stark, of House Stark, Sister of the Warden of the North, what is your purpose in Winterfell, Ser?"
    [19:36] Niky Ansar: brings lady stark a full tankard
    [19:37] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) grins "warden of the north? That's a new one never knew he was appointed it as rumors are he refuses to take the knee," Jorah sips from the flask again before speaking politics aren't my deal, i'd rather sit back, suck down dornish read, read, and enjoy a warm bed" he turns to look back over turning on the bench to better face her "what brings any man north? I was hoping to go to the wall and see what it is like there"
    [19:39] Niky Ansar: the wall ?
    [19:39] Niky Ansar: its cold there
    [19:39]Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) fingers clutched the tankard... then pushed it aside, rather liking a goblet of sweet red wine instead, she looked him over..then spoke with authority," I do not know what business it is of yours to speak of such, but the last king had named my Brother Warden, we have not nor do we accept Him, nor give our fealty at this time, it does not mean we will not take the knee only that we are not yet ready to attend to such.
    [19:40] Niky Ansar notices a strain in her ladyships voice
    [19:40] Diomy Takakura shook her head at Mirandolina as she explained the "meat" she was putting into the soup. "No..I am sure you can find something OTHER than rat......No! I will go hunting for you if I need to...Just please tell someone you are running low on rabbit..or something"
    [19:42] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) grins a bit "I'm a nobleman. Do i offend you with speaking as i do? If so i do apologize but i'm not going to hold my tongue like most men" he shrugs "i don't care for you major families and your games to sit on the throne, hell let the Clegane inherit it for all i could care"
    [19:43] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) suddenly felt ill .. she shook her head a moment..looked oddly to Diomy then Niky..."Diom..." was all she said before dropping the goblet and grasping her stomach, she cried out, "Help me!" Falling from the bench, she struck her head and landed on the floor, none too gently, The guardsmen rushed forth to help aid their Lady, unsure what has happened, the wine having spilled on the tiles of the floor, the goblet rolling to a stop...Thresia lay pale as death...
    [19:43] Diomy Takakura paused and turned
    [19:43] Niky Ansar: oh my lady!
    [19:43] Niky Ansar: Quickly! Take her down to the basement, I have soft couches to lay her on
    [19:43] Diomy Takakura ran to her ladyship's side
    [19:44] Diomy Takakura: "M'lady! Some call a maester!!!"
    [19:44] Niky Ansar thows open the door to the basement and signals the guards to take her down
    [19:44] Niky Ansar: take here down here now and go for the healer
    [19:45] Diomy Takakura looked to a guard who ran out the door, up to the castle with great haste. Diomy helped a guard gather Lady Stark up and bring her into the private rooms
    [19:45] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) watches the events with a raised brow but little more than that. He was no hero, nor could he do anything to assist so he sat there and drank as he seemed to always do
    [19:46] Niky Ansar: watches the guard carry the lady to the door and down the steps
    [19:46] Diomy Takakura noted how dry her Ladyships mouth was and her dilated pupils, "It seems as though she has been poisoned"
    [19:47] Niky Ansar: from my wine?
    [19:47] Niky Ansar: go with her lady Diomy
    [19:47] Diomy Takakura shook her head... "Go attend to her..I shall wait for the guard"
    [19:47] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) looks down to his flask, sniffing it a few times "i'd sure hope not poisoned wine would make for a ruined business in the north"
    [19:48] Niky Ansar: “you,” she says speaking to one of the guards “stand at this door and let no one down except the healer when he gets here”
    [19:48] Diomy Takakura: "ha! You are so wet, Im sure that you have an immunity to all kinds of diseases, Ser" Diomy spoke half worried to the dwarf, who was sniffing his wine.
    [19:48] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) shrugs "doubtful, i am but a dwarf. We are more fragile than most"
    [19:51] Diomy Takakura raised an eyebrow, "How do I know that you didnt have anything to do with it? I do have a rather ..vague reason for being here...The wall is cold, and not all that interesting...You also dont seem to be a great supporter of the Starks"
    [19:52] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) raises a brow "and how would i have had time? You saw me walk in and sit down here. I don't support anyone too greatly so i suggest before you speak you think clearly of pointing fingers at people who could become friendly in the end milady" he stands with a huff and yanks his cloak down "i wouldn't poison her if i meant her ill, i'm a man not a woman i'd have drawn my blade"
    [19:53] Diomy Takakura chuckled
    [19:53] Diomy Takakura: "Why are you getting so upset? Is it so bad to ask questions?"
    [19:54] Diomy Takakura: "You have to understand....." She said as she turned, "To not question would be foolish"
    [19:55] Niky Ansar: lady Diomy go to her I am going to try and hurry the maester
    [19:55] Niky Ansar: runs out
    [19:55] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) turns and tilts his head "everytime something bad happens and i am around do you know what happens? Blame the dwarf, it's always blame the dwarf he's little more than a bastard anyways so what would it hurt to blame the dwarf. How could you even dare to try and hint that i did it when you saw me enter. did i ever once leave my seat and move to the kitchen?"
    [19:55] Diomy Takakura nodded to Niky as she ran
    [19:55] Niky Ansar: returns dragging the maester
    [19:56] Diomy Takakura: "my dear Jorah, I would never blame you because of your size..I am not a Lannister.."
    [19:56] Niky Ansar: down here maester
    [19:56] Jorah Algood (mattaeusjacobus) shakes his head and kicks the door open out of anger, wrapping the cloak around himself "no the Lannisters seem to be the only ones who don't try to point their fingers and blame me for something"
    [19:57] Diomy Takakura chuckled
    [19:57] Diomy Takakura: "Come back soon!” Diomy smiled as the dwarf walked out. As soon as he had left in his fit of anger, Diomy went through the door leading to the basement.
    [19:58] Diomy Takakura: "It seems as though the dwarf cannot get as good as he gives."
    [19:58] Niky Ansar: watches the maester as he tends to the lady
    [19:59] Niky Ansar: he takes a pan and a long tube from his bag and puts the tube down lady starks throat
    [19:59] Diomy Takakura sighed as she watched, shaken and bothered
    [20:00] Niky Ansar stares aghast as he makes her retch and vomit
    [20:00] Diomy Takakura frowns , "Will she be ...alright?"
    [20:01] Niky Ansar: i hope so
    [20:03] Niky Ansar: she is breathing
    [20:04] Diomy Takakura clasped her hands together, gripping tightly.
    [20:04]Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) moaned, as she breathed shallowly.. she whimpered a little.. the terrible acidic taste trickling from her lips..she whispered, but barely.."the wine...highgarden..." she sighed a little.. and closed her eyes... lashes fluttering..
    [20:04] Diomy Takakura gasped
    [20:05] Niky Ansar: i am going to go and keep that bottle safe for the maester to look at
    [20:05] Diomy Takakura nodded and rushed to her ladyship's side as the Maester continued to work
    [20:06] Niky Ansar: brings the bottle to the maester and gives it to him
    [20:07] Niky Ansar: that wine was alright yesterday at least i think it was the same bottle I drank from but it might have been another i am not sure but who could have tampered with it?
    [20:07] Niky Ansar: it was open on the bar
    [20:07] Niky Ansar: but i saw no one here
    [20:07] Niky Ansar: but i was sleeping all afternoon
    [20:08] Niky Ansar is almost in tears
    [20:08] Diomy Takakura breathed in deeply, thinking for a moment
    [20:09] Diomy Takakura: "What if it wasnt the wine?.."
    [20:09] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) heard crying, realizing it was not her own, lashes fluttered open and she looked to Niky Snow, one hand weakly touched her own... and then she was again silent, so drawn and pale.. as though the life had been stolen from her soft pale cheeks... her lips dry... her throat cracking as she spoke.."am i living still?"
    [20:09] Niky Ansar: what could it have been lady Thresia drank the wine just before she fell ill
    [20:10] Diomy Takakura thought for a moment..."Well, sometimes, it takes a day for poison symptoms to develop..sometimes a bit less..."
    [20:12] Niky Ansar: i dont know about poisons
    [20:12] Niky Ansar: except i know not to eat the red mushrooms
    [20:13] Niky Ansar: you are alive my lady
    [20:13] Niky Ansar: the maester is here and he wont let you die
    [20:13] Niky Ansar: stokes lady thersia’s brow
    [20:14] Diomy Takakura paused, "Well ..if it is mushroom poison, then it has to be..consumed....right?"
    [20:15] Niky Ansar: maybe there is bad wine about
    [20:15] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) coughed a bit, as she moistened her lips..."water please?" her mind was foggy, as her vision was slowly beginning to allow her to focus once more..." not the wine, it was delivered.... " coughed a little.. and spat out congealed blood, " sealed, who would wish me harm?" her eyes fluttered shut once more as she attempted to rest.
    [20:15] Niky Ansar: right away my lady
    [20:15] Niky Ansar: gets a cup of cool water for lady thersia
    [20:15] Diomy Takakura put her hand to her head as she thought, along side the Maester, who was flipping through his notes
    [20:18] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) moaned as she felt someone lift her head so she might drink the water, she took small sips, coughing as she pushed the water away...her lips where once more moistened, as her dark hair fell limply over the pillow..turning onto her side into a fetal position..."I tire...where am I?" She wondered not recognizing the basement, not having been there before.
    [20:18] Diomy Takakura shook her head
    [20:19] Niky Ansar: you are in my ..... private quarters my lady
    [20:19] Niky Ansar: i have beds here more comfortable than the couch
    [20:20] Niky Ansar: would you like to go to a bedroom?
    [20:21] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) shook her head.."nay, I do not wish to be moved, my belly is in knots." She looked to this maester, then closed her eyes..."Who would wish me harm? I have harmed no one." She closed her eyes and slept a time...
    [20:22] Niky Ansar: strokes her brow as she sleeps
    [20:23] Diomy Takakura thinks for a moment, "I wonder, is it possible that she has has tea..of some kind?"
    [20:24] Niky Ansar: i didnt serve her any tea
    [20:25] Diomy Takakura: Hmmm.
    [20:25] Niky Ansar: if she had tea it would have been from someplace else
    [20:30] Niky Ansar: she is sleeping more peacefully
    [20:30] Niky Ansar: let her rest
    [20:31] Diomy Takakura breathes out, worried, wondering why the maester is not as helpful
    [20:31] Niky Ansar: pulls lady diomy aside
    [20:32] Niky Ansar whispers: that maester is strange he says little but i think he saved her
    [20:32] Diomy Takakura eyes Niky, worried
    [20:39] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) moaned a little on the table and once more her lashes fluttered open..."Mushrooms with winesauce... red winesauce.." she softly whispered of her fare of yester eve...broiled pheasant.." again she closed her eyes...
    [20:39] Diomy Takakura paused, and turned back to her ladyship, "Mushrooms?"
    [20:41] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) lashes once more fluttered.. her eyes dilated from the poison.." winesauce.." moaning she again closed her eyes...
    [20:41] Diomy Takakura: Hmm...
    [20:42] Niky Ansar: she is resting quietly now
    [20:42] Diomy Takakura: We need to examine the contents of what you have eaten and the leftovers of last nights food.
    [20:59] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) felt her cheeks begin to heat up.. and she pressed her cold palms against them.."what is happening.." she started to whimper again and cry... "I need water, give me water, my face is on fire!"
    [21:00] Diomy Takakura watched as the Maester examined her cheeks and frowned. Handing her a glass of water, he said, "Drink the entire glass"
    [21:02] Diomy Takakura: The Maester flipped though the book of notes and examined her vomit. "How ...late did you eat last night?"
    [21:03] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) lashes fluttered as she heard the new maesters voice addressing her... "the evening fast.." she licked her lips to try to wet them, but her entire head felt as if it was burning..
    [21:05] Diomy Takakura: The Maester continued, "And did you eat any of the leftovers today as well? At any time?"
    [21:08] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) lashes again lifted as she turned her head painfully toward the Maester.."this morn..." she whimpered a little.."breaking my fast," she trembled some as though her body was on fire, she began to heavily perspire..body attacked with fever.."before morning.... ride.." she again closed her eyes.. shivering.
    [21:10] Diomy Takakura: The maester nodded, setting down the pan of her expelled bile. "Interesting....." The Maester turned to a servant and ordered them to bring bread, more water, and the mushrooms from the night before and this morning. "I think I know what it may be"
    [21:13] Diomy Takakura waited for the servant to return for a short while, as the Maester flipped though his notes, scratching his chin. He suddenly spoke up, "M' you have any trouble breathing? Any tingling?"
    [21:15] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) gasped softly, her breathing sounded like wheezing.."it is..." coughing softly..."somewhat hard.. to breath, aye..." lifting her head for water as she sipped slowly.. sputtering on the moist fluid..."my lips cheeks too." Then once more shut her eyes...
    [21:16] Niky Ansar: goes to her room exhausted from the excitement of the evening and falls asleep.
    [21:18] Diomy Takakura looked worried and confused, but the Maester simply nodded his head. When the servant returned, she gave the bread and water to her ladyship and placed the small leftovers of the mushrooms in the hands of the Maester who tilted his head and grew red with anger. "Who the hell cooked these?"
    [21:20] Shanelle (shanelle.cerise) moaned a bit... as bread was forced to her lips, water she eagerly took, the desire for food not one of her higher points, as she heard the anger in the Maesters voice.. she whimpered softly... shoving the bread away...she shook her head.., "nay.." once more doubling over the side of the couch and vomiting..angry red welts appearing on her facial features..
    [21:22] Diomy Takakura: The servant shook and quivered at the thundering maester and stuttered back, "The house cook?" The Maester only cursed and swore, demanding the need to find out who cooked the mushrooms. "Do you know what these are? Are you so stupid that you dont recognize mushrooms for inking?" The maester rushed to Lady Thresia, cleaning off her face, making her drink more water.
    [21:23] Diomy Takakura frowned, "What? Tippler's Bane?"
    [21:24] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) As often was the case, many people worked in the Kitchens within Castle Stark, it was a very large place..Lady Thresia moaned again as she was lifted by the Maester and water was forced into her mouth.. she choked and gagged, a trickle of blood escaping as though a tear, mixed with the moisture from her eyes as it trickled down her cheek, to mesh with the welts that had formed there.. she trembled at the anger heard in His voice, but she was beyond recognition at this time.. as she drank obediently, the bread currently forgotten..she did not, nor could she understand what was going on around her, the words seemed jumbled to her.
    [21:24] Diomy Takakura: The Maester huffed at Lady Diomy's words, "Yes..the more widely accepted term..and more appropriate I might add, is Inky Cap..."
    [21:27] Diomy Takakura: The maester shook his head at her condition, "What makes this worse is that our ladyship may also be slightly allergic to mushrooms..or fungus of any would be our luck to set off such a reaction. We need to get her more stable before we move her....the water should help. She should be fine soon."
    [21:33] Diomy Takakura: The maester placed his finger on Lady Threisa's wrist, counting her her heartbeat, finding it slightly arrhythmic. He sighed then examined the welts forming on her face. "We will need some kind of salve as well. This reaction was worsened, especially since her allergies were lying dormant. Now she will have to deal with this awoken allergy with much more caution."
    [21:35] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) `s small hand lay limp in the Maesters, as she had once more succumbed to blessed sleep..though her breathing came in small gasps and wheezes.. her eyes rolled back and forth behind her lids as if she had bad dreams.. little whimpers escaping her lips, as sweat poured from her body, and her body shook with shivers as well, as though she was hot and cold at the same time...
    [21:37] Diomy Takakura's eyes started to water, no longer able to stay strong. "Isnt there anything we can do? she must need some kind of medicine..."
    [21:42] Diomy Takakura: The Maester shook his head, "Only a salve can be used....any kind of bark or Bella Donna medicine can hurt her heart..she is having palpitations. We cannot risk a hear attack.. all we can do is make sure her swelling goes down, make sure she can breathe, and give her comfort."
    [21:43] Diomy Takakura: The maester felt the fire fast fading and her condition worsening. "We need to move!"
    [21:45] Diomy Takakura gathered the guards and servants present to help move her ladyship. As she was gathered, Diomy felt a sinking feeling as though the night was not yet over.
    [21:46] Lady Thresia Stark (shanelle.cerise) didn't stir at all as she was lifted in to a guardsman's arms.. small form cradled there, as her head lolled off his shoulder... her lashes fluttered then once more rested closed.

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