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This is a Role-Play sim based on the HBO TV series A Game of Thrones, and the book series A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin.

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    Name: Saldaris Aran
    Age: 42
    Hobbies: Big Game Hunting, Fishing and overall the great outdoors.
    Occupation: Woodsman and Warhound trainer.
    Appearance: A tall and broad shouldered mountain of a man. Features worn and rugged in scars. A banadanna draped across his left eye as his right is a sharp and deep swirling silver. His clothing is warm leathers and furs to fight against the cold within the winter wilderness. Almost never seen without his trusted pack of four dark warhounds. The troup spending their days hunting and scouring the forrests in search of game for their very survival.
    Background: Had once been a soldier upon the war front at a young age. In a skirmish before the storm of the coming battle Saldaris had been gravely wounded. The loss of his left eye the end result as he woudl slip away into the night in cowardice and fear. Deserting his comrades and brethern soldiers. In the next battle his battallion had been completely wiped out. Leaving Saldaris a lone survivor for nothing more than the frailty of his will. Since he has traveled across the lands in search of his redemption. In the peace of the wilds he has come to understand what it means to truly struggle and face each dawn as it were your last. And perhaps in time someone somewhere amidst the armies he had pledged his life to once before would deem him worthy enough to be risen once more to the ranks of his fallen friends and given his justly earned reward in punishment of his desertion.

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