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    Merla O'Brion of Winterfell


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    Merla O'Brion of Winterfell Empty Merla O'Brion of Winterfell

    Post by Merla on Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:26 am

    Name: Merla O'Brion
    House: None
    Saying: Silent and true
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’ 8”
    Weight: 135 lb
    Orientation: Lesbian
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Brown
    Scars or markings: none
    Weapon(s): A re-curve of northern make. Two daggers that she wields with deadly precision.
    Armor: Leather over Chain mail with a steel breastplate.
    Rank: Archer and Soldier for hire.

    Personality: Quiet and reserved, Merla is not one to trust quickly and still more rare to trust a male over the age of 10. She is a good judge of character in most circumstances however that skill was hard won. She is quick to react to danger and quicker to avoid needless confrontations.

    History: Merla was born Just outside Winterfell to her mother a fletcher and father a bow-smith. She grew up outside the castle wall and was fletching arrows by her 6th year. She was quick to learn the skills of a marks-woman and was soon able to shoot on the run. When she was 9 years of age her mother was killed in a cooking fire that took most of the house with her. She took over her mother's occupation and duties caring for the house and her father till his illness and death when she was 11.

    Now on her own she worked as a fletcher and hunted for sustenance but could not keep the rent payed on the house by selling arrows alone. Without the skills to make a bow she was forced to vacate and find lodgings elsewhere. A young and comely girl she did not escape the attention of several men willing to lodge her if she worked as a servant. She grew tired of chamberpots and washing and eventually went south to Kings Landing in hopes of finding greener pastures and a better life. She fond neither when was captured by a slaver and brutally treated. WHile traveling with the slaver a land dispute broke out and she escaped her captor in the initial confusion.

    Alone again she used the land dispute to gain some security from people like the slavers. With her hair cut short to look the part of a young archer and marksman she joined the dispute for the defending side. The rouse worked for a time as she was more than capable with a bow and made a convincing boy. She was armed and supplied as a regular archer, after proving her skill, and was soon known for her deadly accuracy. By her 12th year however her identity was getting harder to hide. In her 13 year she was working for a mercenary regiment outside of Kings Landing when she was discovered by a young soldier. She was brought before the commander and was given the choice of servicing and fighting or leaving, however it was never worded so gently. She left and found work at a tavern, keeping the peace for the madam and, keeping the whores safe from over zealous customers.

    This marked the beginning of her career as a mercenary, body guard, and later soldier. In her 17th year she made her way back north to her homeland and settled in to work for a traveling merchant that traded between the Northern cities and towns and Kings Landing. It is here that we find her today, waiting for the next chapter to unfold and hoping to repay the slaver if ever she finds him.

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