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    Arleon Cerwyn


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    Arleon Cerwyn Empty Arleon Cerwyn

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    Name: Arleon Cerwyn
    House: Cerwyn
    Saying: Honed and Ready
    Age: 29
    Height: 5’ 11 1/2”
    Weight: 187 lb
    Orientation: Straight
    Eye Color: Silver
    Hair Color: Black
    Scars: Vertical cut over his left eye, but it does not impede his sight.
    Weapon(s): A Long Sword that belonged to his father. A bow given to him by a friend on the day he left to join the Nights Watch.
    Armor: A shield that bears the emblem of House Stark. Chain shirt under loose studded leather during hostile times. Soft leather during peaceful times.
    Status: Captain of the Guard

    Personality: Arleon is a bit of a stern man with a hard mind. He holds the honorable ideals of House Stark as strongly as he holds his own, and bears the consistent thought of both his own houses' saying and House Starks. He not only states them when the moment is right, but follows them as if they were more of a code. he takes pride in his ability to serve the House Stark and would rather die than see himself disgrace any of the Houses of the North no matter how dire the circumstances. However he has a bit of a gentle side along with this sterness. His ability to relax is surprisingly quick, or simply a guise he puts on to relax those around him. He is never seen with his sword unequipped, though off an on he may leave his bow and shield in his quarters.

    History: Arleon was born in born in Castle Cerwyn from the womb of Lady Cerwyn as the second son of Lord Laryeon Cerwyn. He grew up in a lifestyle of wealth and happiness, spending much of his time hunting and following the training of his Father who was a loyal Bannerman of House Stark.

    Near the age of manhood his cousin arrived with news from Lord Stark about a need for Lord Laryeon in King's landing. His father left to escort Lord Stark, and soon after his Cousin caught ill. Despite the best efforts of the healers he died shortly before Lord Laryeon returned from a month long journey. Arleon's mother passed away under similar conditions not too many years after that.

    Another five years would pass after the passing of his mother before his father was called to service to accompany Lord Stark once again on another venture to Kings landing. There had been news that wild men were attacking more frequently, and Lord Stark was needed to help tend to the situation. While off scouting ahead Lord Laryeon was felled by a wild mens' axe during an ambush. Arleon was then left fatherless, with only his eldest brother who rightfully took his place as the Lord of House Cerwyn.

    Lord Stark returned Arleons blade after the wild men had been beaten back. The weapon was passed to Arleon per his father's final breaths to Lord Stark. Arleon then journeyed with his brother, and Lord Stark, to Winterfell, both swearing fealty to the Lord to ensure the continued loyalty of their house upon the very grounds of Winterfell. Arleon remained in Winterfell, enlisting in the ranks of the Stark guardsmen. He strove to honor the memory of his father, upholding the ideals of honor. Since then he worked to the fullest degree of his potential, eventually earning the position and title of House Starks Captain of the Guard, which he holds today, a few weeks past his promotion.

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