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This is a Role-Play sim based on the HBO TV series A Game of Thrones, and the book series A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin.

    Lord Faust Karvalius

    Lord Faust Karvalius
    Lord Faust Karvalius

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    Lord Faust Karvalius Empty Lord Faust Karvalius

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    Lord Faust Karvalius

    Age: 46
    Height: 190cm
    Weight: 93Kg

    Faust is the second son of Lord Wolgang Karvalius and Lady Andromeda Karvalius. He had a younger sister called Wilhelmina and an elder brother called Lantis. At his younger age, Faust enjoyed more freedom than his brother, who was supposed to be the heir of Lord Karvalius's title and lands.

    Living in the harsh lands of the family, under the harsh education of his father, Faust and Lantis learned soon the value of duty, pride and resilience. That was particularly hard for him due to his skin condition. Unlike Lantis, Faust had been born albino.

    His mother told him he was a "true child of the North" for the mild sun of the northern lands and the soft cold breeze were a blessing for his pearly skin, leaving it unharmed. Still, his condition summoned pity, and he was always looked down upon or deemed incapable.

    Despite all this challenges, Faust grew up to be a strong, stern lad. A fitting warrior and an able administrator, Faust learned the ways of the world, and learned fast. Distastefull for the mishappenings of the court and the noble houses, disenchanted with the dirty politics pleaguing everything, Faust turned to the only way where honour and duty seemed to go hand-in-hand.

    Eventually, Faust revealed to Lantis his will to join the Night's Watch, and they both had a quarrel. For Lantis, Faust would never be better than his younger brother, always in need for help. He could not bear the thought of letting Faust join the ravens, he did not judged him ready.

    Unable to disuade his younger brother, Lantis went ahead and joined the Night's Watch himself. That completely turned Faust's life upside down. Suddenly he had become the only way for the Karvalius legacy to keep going through the ages, and his father resented him till his last days. And that's how he got his titles.

    Later, Faust married a woman also called Wilhelmina, from a smaller house in the north. They had five children but her heal was frail as she gave birth to the last one and the winter back then was very, very harsh. She couldn't make it and eventually, the children left the house to pursue destinies away from him and the damned memories that haunted the manor. Only Faust stayed.

    Nowadays, Faust has found love again in the arms of a spicey dornish woman, which he has made his new Lady Karvalius. He is a 45 years old stern-looking and tall albino man, usually dressed in dark colours. Despite the looks, Faust can be quite casual... Occasionally. Specially when he is drunk. He is one of the advisors of Lord Stark and splits his time between Winterfell, his family and his own lands.

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