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    House Karvalius Members please place your RP here - whether its just you, or one other - minus sex scenes please!!! RP between 2 people must be done in Second Life so you may post your Roleplay you did here with Timestamp (if you use timestamp).
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    Thursday and Friday are a small set of corresponding RPs between Lord Faust Karvalius and the then Diomy Yunsa, Winterfell Librarian, before she was wed to Lord Faust. Thursday and Friday are the days that pass when the corresponding RP takes place, serially. Watch their love bloom as the story passionately unfolds in a story-like form.

    Thursday and Friday-pleasing forms part one---

    Lord Faust scowled and the servant girl, Janey, excused herself and hurried out of the tavern, cloaked in the cold, snowy night.

    "Lord Faust, she could have been relaxing," Diomy lightly suggested.

    "And what do I have to do with it?" Faust narrowed his eyes as he spoke.

    "Maybe you were a little ...mmmm... I dont know, intimidating?" Diomy grinned innocently.

    Faust shrugged "It wasn't really my intention, however."

    Diomy chuckled, "Are you sure about that now?"

    "It is hard for one to measure ones actions when unexpected reactions ensue." Faust evoked a casual response, yet his face still held a scowl. Strolling over to the wooden table, he sat himself down ......casually.

    Diomy paused for a moment then asked, "Are you commenting on what happened last night?" She plopped herself down into the seat across from him as well.

    "What happened last night?" Faust cocked an eyebrow at the woman, waiting to explain her comment.

    Diomy Takakura sighed, "I came over to your manor to thank you..."

    " And you thanked me." Faust spoke curtly.

    "You seemed a little unnerved."

    " I don't understand how does that have anything to do with the poor girl getting scared and running away.." Faust broke in suddenly with his reply.

    "Well, you were a factor in her running away a little." As she spoke, Diomy brushed her white silky hair from her eyes.

    "Maybe I should've kept myself at home, then?" Fausts tone was slightly impolite with a twist of annoyance.

    " No, ofcourse not. I'm just saying you didn't protest her leaving." Diomy sofly gestured to him with her hands. It was only so that she would not touch Faust's pearly hands, which were resting so gently upon the wooden table. She eyed them for a moment and wondered how they felt. She smiled.

    "Should I have?" Fausts face was stony.

    Diomy noted that his ruby albino eyes were especially piercing tonight. "I dont know..I didnt want to push her out, thats all. I guess I feel bad about her leaving." Diomy shrugged.

    Faust stared at Diomy for a long time unrelenting his gaze, trying to make her feel even nervous. "You feel bad... about me...making her leave? That's... Unusual."

    Diomy stared back, slowly drawing her mouth into an even wider smile, then winked, hoping to draw an unexpected response from her friend, however, he just stared back. "Well I am unusual in that way, arent I?"

    "You are unusual in many ways miss Yunsa. But I've learned not to ask the wrong questions." Finally, Faust raised an eyebrow at her.

    Diomy laughed, remembering their first meeting. "I have yet to ask the wrong ones, though I am trying my hardest."

    "What would you do if you manage to ask them? Not everyone wants to ever find what they are looking for, after all." Faust motioned to the bar maid to bring him an ale, then turned back to Diomy, awaiting her reply.

    "I would pocket them and treasure the answers. I am not everyone though."

    "That doens't make you immune to unearthing things best left hidden." Faust sipped his ale, looking at the contents in the drink to see if it was actually 'clean'.

    "I didn't bother you too much last night, did I?" Diomy felt it best to change the subject to something that would make Faust squirm in his pants.

    "Yes you did." Faust smiled, "But that's pretty much what everyone around here does, so I'm used to it."

    Diomy laughed. "Well I will be bothering you alot more."

    Faust replied quickly, "Is that so? You better have pretty good reasons. As you know, I've been given many assignments by Lord Stark."

    Diomy piped in, "Indeed. However, you're very interesting to be around. And since we all need some kind of human interaction, just think of me as helping you keep your sanity, or loosing it more so. At least with me you have deep conversations, instead of just talking about the weather. How many ladies do you know will do that with you?"

    "I don't talk much when I'm doing my work, miss Yunsa."
    Faust paused and took a swig of his drink. "You are welcome to accompany me in my supper, though."Faust grabbed a piece of roasted chicken from the table.

    "I would love to...I have not eaten all day." Diomy grabbed some chicken as well as a piece of rye bread and stuffed some into her mouth. As she chewed, she looked down at her ruffled white and gold blouse, black leather pants, and matching bracers. "Does my outfit really bother you? I will change just for you. Only if you like..." Upon those words, Diomy winked slowly and smiled.

    Faust's snow white skin momentarily took on a pinkish hue around his cheeks, and extended down his neck, to which Diomy assumed ran through his entire body. Suddenly the room felt hotter. "I have no qualm about your outfits, misss Yunsa."

    Diomy smiled, "Oh come now, I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing my womanly figure."

    Faust coughed, almost swallowing his bread whole. "Actually," Faust replied in a rather annoyed tone, "I would."

    Diomy giggled as Faust's expression remained serious and hard, albeit a bit pinkish at the cheeks. After a moment to settle down and eat a few more bits of food, Diomy asked a question as innocently as she could muster and pouted, "So you dont like my form?"

    "I'd rather not comment on such absurd question." Though his question was curt, his voice was shaky.

    " Why? Its a perfectly good question. Ive been told my entire life how pretty I am," Diomy paused for a moment to eat more roasted chicken, then continued, " You of course can see how I would question myself when I am told my form is displeasing."

    "So... How about the wheather?" Faust suddenly tried to change the topic as his face grew even rosier.

    Diomy laughed, "Well, thanks for being honest with me. I appreciate it."

    Faust furrowed his brow, "Excuse me?"

    "Yes?" Diomy looked up and smiled.

    "What about honesty? I don't understand what you mean."

    "Well," started Diomy, "you told me my form was displeasing, so it is nice to hear the truth."

    Faust opened his mouth in shock. "I have not commented about your form, miss Yunsa, as I have not seen it and it is not my place to comment." Faust stopped to ponder., catching himself off guard. "Nor WILL I."

    Diomy grinned slyly. "What? you have seen it almost every day, when you see me in dresses and what not..."

    "I don't go around making notes on ladies forms, if that is what you're insinuating." Casually, and slightly more relaxed, Faust took a piece of bread from the table and popped it into his mouth. When finished chering, which seemed like forever to Diomy, he then continued, "There are more urgent matters which must be kept in mind and properly addressed."

    "Like what?" By now, Diomy was resting her cheek on her palm, her elbow proping her up.

    "Wildlings raids, castle infiltration conspiracy, lost knights dead in the woods, assassination attempts, misinformation, livestock and peasants dissapearences..." Faust Sighed, "Pick one."

    "You also forgot one."

    "The stable boy?" Faust spoke half heartedlyabout such matters.

    Diomy chuckled, "No. Well, yes, but no. You forgot to include the ball. That is very important to Winterfell."

    Faust grinned in a very Baelish way. "That, miss Yunsa, is YOUR problem."

    Diomy smirked back, "And will require alot of attention. Well, you handle security, right?"

    "I will be there to enjoy it, but you are the one in charge of organizing it." Faust chuckled, taking a sip of his ale to wash down food.

    " Wait, did I just hear you say the word 'enjoy'?" Diomy smiled and chuckled.

    "Of course. I enjoy good music, good tales and good mead. At the right time, of course." Faust picked up a few pieces of fruit and slid them into his mouth.

    "What about good company?" Diomy winked.

    "I enjoy it too. But I'm sure that will be aplenty." For a moment, Faust gazed at Diomy, noting

    the curves of her face. "After all, many interesting people will be around to exchange some tales."

    Diomy chimed in, "Plenty of ladies."

    Faust nodded and he put his drink down, "That as well."

    " Well, you must be looking forward to that." Diomy picked up her drink.

    "Not particularly." Faust frowned, eyes slightly watering.

    "Why not?" Diomy cocked an eyebrow as Faust sighed. "Wait, you like men?"

    "No, I don't...and I'm not. Simply as that." Faust crossed his arms defensively.

    Diomy decided to test the waters even further, "oh...Well...Maybe you can see your betrothed there or something."

    Faust smiled a very yellow smile. "That would be very improbable."

    "And why? All you have to do is tell her to be there." Diomy knew she was prying too deep, but this was the only way she could him to even talk about anything personal. From the way that Faust had twisted his face, she knew she had hit a painful nerve, but she truly wanted to know.Faust stared deep into Diomy's eyes and for a single pace of second, she could feel a deep resentement he had for her making him relive that story.

    "Miss Yunsa..." For a moment, it sounded as if the air was sucked from Faust's chest.

    "Hmm?" Diomy stared back with wide eyes, tilting her head.

    "I am a widower. My wife, late lady Karvalius, died a long time ago." He looked down at his plate, the food cold with congealed grease.

    "OH!" Diomy placed her hand over her mouth with a look of pity and concern. "I had no idea, you poor dear. I wish you had told me earlier, instead of just letting me go on like a fool."

    "I wish I didn't have to think on that more than I already do." He frowned

    "Talking always helps." Diomy looked at him hopefully.

    "It doesn't.. Not with me." Faust frowned, looking away.

    "Well, I'm sorry to hear that. But if you would like to talk, I'm always glad to talk with you about anything." Diomy gently lifted her hand and rested it upon Faust's smooth skin. As she did so, she gazed into his ruby eyes. They were watery and worn-looking.

    After a moment, Faust sighed, withdrew his hand, and got on his feet. "Excuse me, miss Yunsa.I have businesses to attend to."

    "Wait, don't leave! Come on, you don't have to be so guarded with me." Diomy stood as well, pushing away from the wooden dining table.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." Faust turned and grabbed his cloak from the hook near the door.

    As Faust prepared to leave, Diomy moved up behind him."I can see you have a sadness. Let me help you with it."

    "I do not need help with anything, miss Yunsa." Faust stopped suddenly and turned to her, a look of seriousness in his eyes. "I'm pretty fine."

    "But you are running away..."

    "Now, I have to get back to my reports. They won't be analyzed by themselves."

    "And so distant... I think you bury yourself in work so you dont have to feel your pain. You must have gone through much."

    Faust raised his palm at her in the "pause" gesture, hoping to stop her reasoning and allow him the ability to leave the conversation ended. "Miss Yunsa. I enjoy your company, but now I must take my leave.

    Diomy frowned, as if heart broken. Her hands raised as if she wanted to touch him, however she refrained, holding her hands up as if she were clenching an invisible ball.

    "Excuse me." Faust turned away and opened the door, feeling the cold wind blowing in his face, cutting like ice. Faust decidedly cast himself into the blizzard that forms outside. As he walked, he could almost hear Diomy's voice calling him back, like a siren of the winter wind, her voice ringing through out the land, and yet it seemed to him only to be in his imagination.

    As Faust walked out of the door, Diomy made a decision that she could not refrain from doing. She thought it once over in her head, then slammed the door and headed up to her room where she was renting. This was not the last conversation, so said her heart.
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    Thursday and Friday are a small set of corresponding RPs between Lord Faust Karvalius and the then Diomy Yunsa, Winterfell Librarian, before she was wed to Lord Faust. Thursday and Friday are the days that pass when the corresponding RP takes place, serially. Watch their love bloom as the story passionately unfolds in a story-like form.

    Thursday and Friday-pleasing forms part two: Nights in white satin--

    Diomy quickly changed her clothes, threw on her cloak, then ran out the door, towards Faust's Manor. She hurried, feeling the sleek material of her white satin dress bunching up. She top-toed over ice, carefully navigated her way down the paths, and maintained her composure until she came upon Faust's Manor. She had been there before, but for some reason, her hear was pounding. Diomy approached the door and knocked. Looking down she gently straightened out her satin white dress underneath her layer of furs.

    Back inside of his study, Faust was approached by a servant who said there was someone at the door. Absorbed in his papers, Faust merely gestured the servant to answer it, without really giving much minding to that.

    Upon being let in by Oswald, the family servant, Diomy quietly entered removing her cloak and handing it off to him. She strolled up the staircase, opened the door to the study, and over to where Faust sat, silently. Diomy bent down and gently whispered into his ear, "I'm so sorry." And kissed his cheek tenderly.

    Faust, his features god whiter than usual, got on his feet and turned so fast to miss Yunsa that she could feel the wind blowing from his spin.
    Faust was about to tell her several things, not one of them nice. His hard stare, however, abated at the sight of the lady in that long, white satin dress. He knew it was just for him. Faust regained his composure and gently asked, "Miss Yunsa, what are you doing here. I figured I said I had plenty of things to solve in my sanctum."

    "Well, I saw how you ran off, and it reminded me of....well, me the first time I met you. I remember that feeling, and heat, and anger. And though it may not be what you are feeling, I was moved...And hardly anything moves me. You are indeed human. I would rather get to know you as a human than anything else. And though you may not feel the same about me, but I cannot help myself, but to try." Diomy smiled as she looked into his red marbled eyes.

    Faust massaged his head with his fingertips. "Miss Yunsa, I..."
    Faust stopped, temporarily. It was possible to see his reason pondering the facts right behind his puzzled look. Faust's eyes met Diomy's. "I don't think I can do anything about that."
    Faust closed his eyes once more, as if not seeing her would make everything just easier. Breathing out, he reopened them in a colder stare. "I don't think that's supposed to be."

    Diomy stepped forward and lightly and touched his shaking hand.
    "I don't think any one could help me right now, however, I do what my heart tells me to. It has not been wrong yet. I feel passion and happiness on an everyday basis. SO much so, I feel as though I could explode. It takes too much to control. Right now, I have not the will nor the want for such.

    Faust turned his back at her. Eyes closed. Memories flushing forward, wounds reopened, tales relived. His heart burned with sorrow and anger. His fist clenched tightly, as if trying to choke that which was choking himself. Faust focused his last remnants of composure. He wasn't meant to go through all of that once more. It didn't feel right.
    "Oswald!" He desperately called for his servant and didn't dare look her again. "You should go..."

    "Why? What have I done to you, sir, other than gracefully apologize? Why is that that my touch ignites you so?... No! I want to see what you hide from me. Show me your dragon, and I shall show you my phoenix. Do you know why? Because I do care for you. You have no say in this." Diomy gently touched him on his shoulder.

    Faust didn't turn back to face her, but he could feel her hand burning through his clothes, onto his skin. "You have already properly apologized, milady." Faust's voice sounded weak and empty. His resolve had left him, his will crippled by the overwhelming gust of unwelcome winds of recollections.
    "You may sleep in our guest room, if you wish, milady. It is a cold winter we are having and I foresee a blizzard is nearby. Oswald will show you the way." Faust's saying seemed vague and automatic. He gestured, momentarily, at Oswald, which stood by the door of his sanctum.

    Diomy nodded graciously towards Faust and followed the servant. As she left the room, she never once took her eye from Faust's figure.
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    Thursday and Friday are a small set of corresponding RPs between Lord Faust Karvalius and the then Diomy Yunsa, Winterfell Librarian, before she was wed to Lord Faust. Thursday and Friday are the days that pass when the corresponding RP takes place, serially. Watch their love bloom as the story passionately unfolds in a story-like form.

    Thursday and Friday- Swords and Dornish Customs

    From the last episode*
    ****Faust didn't turn back to face her, but he could feel her hand burning through his clothes, onto his skin. "You have already properly apologized, milady." Faust's voice sounded weak and empty. His resolve had left him, his will crippled by the overwhelming gust of unwelcome winds of recollections.
    "You may sleep in our guest room, if you wish, milady. It is a cold winter we are having and I foresee a blizzard is nearby. Oswald will show you the way." Faust's saying seemed vague and automatic. He gestured, momentarily, at Oswald, which stood by the door of his sanctum.

    Diomy nodded graciously towards Faust and followed the servant. As she left the room, she never once took her eye from Faust's figure.******

    Oswald led Diomy up the drafty staircase, winding around the corner, and down a dark hall. As they passed, there was a door, to her right, made of oak, bearing the emblem of a tree. She assumed this was Faust's chamber. They walked two more doors down before Oswald paused. Slowly he turned around, the candle shaking in his hand. He stood for a moment and stared at her. Diomy blushed and he smiled, warmly and spoke, finally. "Miss Yunsa, Let us place you in a ...much nicer room, shall we?" Diomy nodded as the old man brushed past. Diomy watched as he back tracked two doors up, which was much closer to Faust's chambers. Oswald opened the door and stood at its entrance, awaiting her to step over the threshold. As she entered, Oswald left his post and lit the few candles in the room, to reveal an earthy oak bed, with thick quilts, furs, and huge down pillows. It smelled like flowers in the room, their aromas mingling as if it were spring. As she walked forward gratefully toward the bed, Oswald spoke, "You will not find a single bug in that bed, Miss Yunsa."

    "How?" Diomy was astounded.

    Oswald shuffled over and in a hushed voice, he stated, "Chrysanthemum oil does wonders, does it not?"

    When Oswald left, Diomy disrobed to her undergarments, then fell back into the bed. Waiting for sleep to kick in, she tossed and turned in the warm, fluffy bed. Finally, after an hour had passed, Diomy resolved herself to get up and walk the manor. She crept out of bed, sailed down the staircase silently, hurried down the hallway, and stopped at the passage to the main hall. Upon pausing and a second of deliberation, Diomy decided to go through the open doorway. Diomy stepped over the threshold and rounded the corner silently, seeking the fire of the main hall, when she spotted Faust's figure,and halted in her tracks. Quietly, Diomy glided forward, out of the shadows, into the light of the fire, soundly greeting the Lord Faust, drunken and lost. "Lord Faust, how long have you been up?"

    Faust didn't look at miss Yunsa. His eyes were focused at the fire. The fire she had spoken so much of. Faust had one tankard of mead in one hand and a two handed sword in another, which glimmered and flickered in the night, reflecting the wild fires in it beautifully crafted blade of castle forged steel. He was aiming the sword tip downwards, holding it like a cane. Faust took a long sip of mead, his reddish eyes gleaming with an almost devilish shine in the the eyes of a wolf.

    Diomy watched the sword for a moment as it sparkled in the firelight. "What a beautiful sword! It is you family's sword or did you have it custom made?" Diomy glanced over at Faust and watched him gaze into the fire with his intense red, fire-like eyes.

    Faust had more mead from his tankard. "It belonged to my brother. " Faust spoke to her without looking at her. His eyelids flickered momentarily as he spoke. His grip tightened at the swords hilt. The fire almost reflected at his snow-like skin. Lantis Karvalius. It was sent back to us after he passed away in a ranging. He was a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. Faust's voice was low and weak, almost like a whisper. "Luckily for us, Lord Commander Varius was a friend of our family. He sent us back his sword, Unveiler."

    Diomy frowned a little and examined the sharp steel further as it glittered in his pearly hands. Diomy gazed up at Faust's face, his beautiful features glowing in the fire. Her heart beat quickened as she spoke, "Well I'm happy you got the sword back. It's lovely. Diomy looked around for a place to sit and was tempted to sit with Faust, however, she was unsure of his reaction. Instead, she chose to sit on the bench. As she sat, a wave of self disappointment spread over her.

    Faust nodded slowly. His reddish eyes fixating at the fire with a rather dull expression, filled with somewhat sadness. "Yes... It was the only thing we could hope to get back after he took his oath. After all, that was bound to happen someday...." Faust didn't speak with his usual certainty. It was more like a self-excuse, brought about by his nostalgia. Or rather... Of guilt. He glanced at the woman beside him, sitting by the bench. Was she afraid of him? Filled with pity or disgust? Who'd know? He drank a bit more from his mead.

    Diomy breathed in with rewed confidence. She thought to herself, "Why am I here, if I'm just going to be distant?" As she looked over at Faust, she could not stop staring at his chest. It was so perfect.... Goosebumps sprawled over Diomy's entire body, making her shiver. It was not the cold that brought them on. It was her need for Faust. She longed to touch him and she was much too far away. Diomy rubbed her arms and spoke, "Lord Faust, may I sit with you? I'm a little cold." Diomy tried to look as innocent as possible, however, she could not stop the grin from escaping her lips.

    Faust was shook off of his trail of nostalgic thoughts by Diomy's enticing invitation. A faint memory of an argument between his father and his brother. Talks, lines. Recollections. They vanished as quickly as they started flooding. Faust had prevented the dam of the past from breaking, flooding the present with Faust's deep dark memories." Yes..." Faust said in a soft tone. "Come here and sit by my side, my lady. It will bring great joy to me." Faust had a sweet, tender smile drawn across his face.

    Diomy smiled sweetly as she stood and walked across the room. As she sat and tumbles down upon the pillows she nervously blurted out, "Thank you m'lord...I did not want to offend you by sitting with you without permission.....hehe..."
    She could not help but feel as if she would faint as he laid down next to her.

    Faust had already vanished most of his dark thoughts off his mind, by now. Mead was as quick to summon past ghosts as it was to exorcize them, provided the right external stimuli were about. "How could you possibly offend me, Diomy, by just sitting by my side?" Faust smiled a bit.

    Diomy chuckled as if she were gasping for air, and as she reasoned she swept her white hair away from her eyes and behind her ears. "Well, m'lord...I know that sometimes when I don't act like a northerner, it makes you a little angry.." Diomy's voice was a pitch higher than usual which was alarming to herself. Though she tried to shake off the tone, it would not desist, "I am almost always going to ask you for permission if it includes being in close proximity of you..."

    Faust put on a puzzled expression. Well, he thought, I didn't know that had gone so far. "It really doesn't...I mean..." Faust seemed a bit lost in his own words, traditions and correct forms of spitting things out. Finally, he just let it all behind and speaks truly and simply. "You don't have to be like that with me. Just be yourself. The most important trait in the heart of a northerner is truth and honesty. If you bear that with you, the rest matters little." Faust blushed as he finished those words, clearing his throat and mumbling something about 'traditions are still important, though'. "But in this case..."

    Diomy gazed deeply into Faust's ruby eyes. Was this an invitation? Surely not.....Being truthful would be Diomy touching Faust all over his body, adorning that pearly skin with love. That would be truth in its purest form. She decided to test the moment in all of the courage she had. She slowly, casually reached up and cupped a few locks of Faust's silvery hair, smiling. "You you know you have such lovely hair. I haven't ever seen a man with as beautiful hair as you've got....Smooth as silk."

    Faust made a move as if grabbing Diomy's hand as she reached for him. Blushing in a very incandescent way he stopped himself, merely receiving Diomy's caress and compliment. He felt his heart hammering against his chest from the inside. "Y-yes I... I got it from my mother..." Faust gave his sentence a thought. He had good memories of his mother, Andromeda. She was a tall, beautiful lady with long gorgeous, silky blonde hair, which she brushed every day. A serene and level-headed woman, to control father's occasional anger bursts... Mostly due to Lantis's mischief. Faust smiled a bit, at this cheerful memories. "She was a beautiful, level-headed woman... Much like yourself, lady Yunsa. Except less prone to exercise violence." Faust nodded as if agreeing with himself.

    Diomy smiled and chuckled, her nervousness temporarily pushed to the back of her mind. "Well I'm afraid the violence is a cultural thing. It is a part of me that I do enjoy." Diomy adjusted the front of her gown. For some reason, the front of her dress was rubbing her the wrong way. Unfortunately, she did not think about adjusting her breasts in front of Lord Faust. Diomy pushed and tugged on the top of her dress until her problem was resolved.

    Faust could not stop but to admire Diomy's breasts, though covered, hopping and swirling into her gown as she adjusted her gown, unfettered by the situation.Faust felt a certain part of him that should be quiet, twitching. He hadn't had as much drink to spoil that up, apparently. Blushing, he tried, with a sub-optimal success, to keep his gaze away from the sight. It couldn't be helped, he went through all the process... There was a moment when he actually thought he had seen more than he should, but that could be his head playing tricks in him. "-ahem- You look... Beautiful tonight, my lady Yunsa."

    Diomy smiled and blushed, "Thank you, m'lord. You look... lovely too." Diomy gazed at his form like a ravenous dog, undressing him in her mind. She wondered if it would be bad to push him over and straddle his body...possibly... Shaking off her thoughts she smiled and commented further. "Its too bad you cant go to Dorne for some time. I would love to take you to the beach. I know the heat is too much for you....I really love your hair by the way..."

    Faust gave it a thought. He tried to think about the sea and the sky and the clouds and the sand. But that was just backstage, he was really thinking about Diomy at the beach... Her tanned skin laid bare in front of his eyes, her soft hair moisten in the salty waters of the southern ocean. Faust's cheeks kept red and a douchy smile crept at his face. "Yes... The beach would be nice... Albeit my skin condition wouldn't allow me to got by day."
    Faust noticed how Diomy's eyes looked a lot more focused, shiny and... predatorial... than usual. Was she actually giving him THAT kind of attention? He felt his heart pumping and something else growing gently.
    Diomy looked slightly concerned as she reached out and touched his arm lightly, feeling his satin skin. Upon closer examination, it was actually almost pearlescent. How beautiful! To Diomy, Faust was exotic. "Your skin is so soft and fragile....I promise you would love the beach at night though. Parties and events down by the beach. I think you could get used to it. You wouldn't have to wear so much clothing for sure." Diomy smiled, still caressing his arm. "Besides, its nice to see you bare chested. I think its a great look for you..."

    Faust let the mead speak for himself now, involuntarily. "You'd also not wear so much clothing, would you my lady?" Diomy looked shocked at first, but then nodded and shyly grinned at his question. Faust spoke that in a rather casual tone. It was really the booze... Or was it? Maybe he wanted to say that but didn't have the balls. "I would appreciate very much a walk down a Dornish beach with you, my lady Yunsa."

    Diomy shrieked with delight that Faust would want to go anywhere with her. She looked down to see he was excited as well, and knew exactly what he was thinking when he commented on the clothing choices of Dorne. "Well, m'lord, we only wear what we have to....My dress I'm wearing now is somewhat like a day dress in Dorne...and this one is unusually long for our hot summers. I would love to show you some of the dress and customs of Dorne some time. I think you may like it." At this point, Diomy considered undoing the bows at the top of her dress to let it fall to the ground. How badly she wanted Faust. She had longed to open his... heart for such a long time. Now, maybe, was the time she had waited for.

    Faust swallowed a bit dry. "Yes.. I'm sure we should... Share our culture with each other" Faust thought 'screw the culture' in the back of his mind. "Since I have a Dornish guest, what would be more proper than learning some of the Dornish...-ahem-..culture." Faust knew he was being too daring and speaking a lot of shit. He felt like behaving as if he was 14 again, for a moment. However, his inhibitions were sufficiently lifted by now... Not really gone, but lifted...

    Diomy smiled, continuing to caress the arm she was assaulting. He had not stopped her yet. This was a good sign...though he was drinking. "I would be happy to show you any aspect of my culture you wish to see, m'lord. I'm sure you would find it most interesting.
    What would you like most to know about, m'lord?"

    Faust felt the booze winning. He gently gripped at the hand Diomy was caressing him with. "What about..." he mused, mustering courage and killing composure." A Dornish kiss?" Faust inadvertently gave Diomy's cherry red lips a kiss. His lips were a bit cold from the adrenaline boost that jolted into his bloodstream as he trampled everything tradition stood for.

    (For the rest, PM me in the forum or in sl! More to come!)
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    House Karvalius RP Empty Thursday and Friday- Love At Last

    Post by Lady Diomy Karvalius on Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:48 am

    Thursday and Friday are a small set of corresponding RPs between Lord Faust Karvalius and the then Diomy Yunsa, Winterfell Librarian, before she was wed to Lord Faust. Thursday and Friday are the days that pass when the corresponding RP takes place, serially. Watch their love bloom as the story passionately unfolds in a story-like form.

    Diomy stormed out of the tavern, not very long after Faust had left to go to his manor. That Skagos soldier really pissed her was something about the way he carried himself....or maybe it was just her Dornish temper. The walk to Faust's Manor, Diomy hoped, would calm her down. With each frozen stone, with each tree she passed, she though of horrible things to do to the Skagos man....she was afterall, Dornish. Upon reaching the door to Faust's manor, she paused. WHy was she there at his door? After the incidents oflast night, she was sure he would not want to talk to her. She did wake up infront of the fire, wrapped in Faust's arms happy and warm. However, she left to attend her libarain duties without a word, and as such she recived no adoring look or lingering gaze. It was almost as if everything that had happened was a dream. She shook it off and knocked on the door, still pissed. The oak door slowly opened, revealing a smiling, wrinkled Oswald. Without a word, he moved aside and motioned to her to come in. Moving into the main hall, a silvery flash appeared before her was Faust and he was smiling.

    "Follow me into my office. Im just going to be making some replies. I would like it if you would accompany me..." Faust's voice trailed off as he immedialtely started walking up the stairs. Diomy silently followed behind him. When they reached his office, Faust opened the door and let Diomy in first. As she entered, Diomy shook off her anger. "What is wrong?" Faust raised an eyebrow as she flew past. From the moment she had come in, she hadn't said a word, which bothered him.

    "Nothing." Diomy's answer was curt.

    "Are... You sure?" Faust rounded her, gently holding on to her arms, wearing a look of concern.

    "Im just a little angry..." Diomy looked to the side.

    " With what?. What has transpired? What is wrong, woman?" Faust clenched her arms slightly tighter, a strange feeling welling up inside of him.

    "Well, I guess im just a little angry from dealing with tha guard. I guess I'm just used to you not bullshitting me." Diomy looked directly into Fausts eyes and held his gaze for an instant. She could tell he saw still processing what she had just said.

    Faust looked surprised and complimented for a moment, but washed his look into concern just as quickly. "Well, is that unusual? You're always bragging about me being me."

    Diomy chuckled, "Well, I am merely telling the truth... But THAT guard...He really pissed me off..ugh!"

    Faust tried to refrain from a swift smile. "Why is that? Because he just pretended the insults you hallowed at him didn't exist?" Faust released Diomy's arms after realizing he grip was becoming gradually tighter. Instead, he crossed his arms tightly against his chest.

    Diomy sighed, "They were not insults..."


    "He was being an ass... I wanted another tankard full like others, but he wouldnt stop if he was the only person there... I told him to get it himself." Diomy continued in a whispered voice, "If I had acted that way, they would have told me the same damn thing..."

    "Lady Yunsa... You are missing the whole point here." Faust was aware she was not a lady, though he called her that anyway.

    "What is that? Enlighten me...."

    "He was in a tavern, for the old gods sake. When you go at a tavern don't you ask for mead from a barmaid?" Faust was very tempted to hug her as he spoke, but chose to use animated hand gestures instead. Diomy moved a little closer, shrinking the gap between them. "You can't just barge in the kitchen and go about messing with eveyrthing. You summon a barmaid and ask."

    "I get the meade myself, thanks.." Diomy felt as though she were being completely misunderstood...she wondered how she could possibly make her sarcasm more prounounced...was it possible? Maybe Faust was just that kind of honorable person...

    "That's you."

    "And the barmaid was busy-" Diomy tried to explain.

    "But Lord Stark didn't get his own. And neither did Dawn."

    "She went upstairs-" Diomy tried again,becoming even more annoyed and tired.

    "Yes, and she is responsible for the business. When you go to a smith, do you use his hammer to fix your swords?" Faust gave her a serious look as if she were five, to which Diomy face-palmed. "Miss Niky also lives in the tavern. It would be rude to poke around unless she gives permission herself. Which, By the way, Wasn't given. I was listening closely." Diomy, still with her face in her palm, began to shake her head. "Second. You don't get to tell anyone to do anything. You just lifted your voice at a stranger and told him to get the things himself."

    Diomy burst into an insane chuckle and replied, "And why is that? I can do what I like...daddy."

    "Had lady Niky felt offended she would have showed that, and Lord Stark and myself would have taken the neccessary enforcements of the law. People don't get to go around bossing another people. Unless you have a direwolf in your banner and your name is freaking Stark!"

    Unable to be silent no longer, she cut into him, "OHhhh yes, ofcourse they don't...Mr. Dont loose your temper in front of Lord Stark or say inappropriate things infront of Lord Stark." Diomy felt it necessary to remind him of that day when decided to repremaind her. Though it did annoy her at the time, she didn't mind because of her secret love for him.That moment, however, was the perfect knife for Faust's tongue, as he was somewhat out of himself at that moment."You know what? The entire time I was in the tavern, I was being sardonic, sarcastic at best. All I wanted was for that guard to shut up....Really..I had to leave before I killed him, but then again it
    seems every official around here has no sense of humor, so they must have thought I meant it. To tell you the truth, I could give two shits right now." Diomy tried her best to calm down, wanting to break things, her Dornish side wishing to flare like the sun and burn everything and everyone in sight. "I'm surprised no one corrected the guard for being so rude...Especially YOU..." Diomy pointed to Faust, almost as if she were pointing to a contradition.

    Faust paused, looking to Diomy with a truly sad look upon his face. Sighing, he finally spoke, "Have you ever met a Skago before? You surely haven't."

    Affected by his frown, Diomy felt bad for yelling at him. She too sighed and replied. "No..."

    "They are as close as a westeros person can get from a wildling." As Faust spoke, Diomy walked to the fire, trying to hide her guilt of being so harsh. "They have little culture and education. And most of them spend their days in their island killing each other. They are, however, a force to be reckend with."

    Diomy chuckled with incredulous mirth, "Ah....So they have a cultural excuse to be rude."

    "The only way the correct them is by killing them. And they're more worthy to us alive. And friendly. We have far too much troubles in our hands. A Skago rebellion over that would be too much. Even you have to agree on that."

    Still looking at the fire, Diomy replied, "Ofcourse..."

    "I'm not saying he was correct. But neither were you. And two mistakes doesn't make it right."

    Faust was trying to alleviate her anger. He wish so much to touch her, to talk of last kiss her.

    "I'm not ever correct with you, so I'm not surprised." Diomy spoke without listening to his tone, only just watching the fire.

    Faust frowned, "Well... I." He wondered why on earth she was so stubborn. Was it her Dornish side?

    "Well? YOu...?" Diomy turned around and walked over to Faust.

    Faust did not have any words to say. Deep inside, he knew this agrument wasn't going anywhere. He wondered if his conturbated feelings were wrong. Perhaps she was too different, after all.
    Maybe that should stop.Faust put on his standard cold-stone feature. "I was merely stating how we do things here in Winterfell."Faust set his stare everywhere except on her. Diomy sighed,as she watched Faust regress. She could not take his sadness any longer. "I guess its nice to have a different opinion sometimes... Lord Faust, why don't you look at me when I speak to you?"

    "I don't think your eyes have changed so much in such a short range of time." Faust lied from the bottom of his heart. HE did think her eyes had changed.

    Diomy moved closer, touching the arm she caressed the previous night, "It is a matter of respect. Please look at me when I speak to you.."

    Faust forced his gaze into hers. Oh my... How those eyes had changed.

    "Was that so hard?" Diomy stared back, blinking and straightfaced.

    "It is hard. Your gaze, I mean. You had that same gaze the day we argued in the tavern."

    Diomy felt her face and gasped. "I'm sorry. I frown alot. SOmeone once told me I can burn holes in people heads the way I look at them."

    And hearts, Aizam thought to himself.

    "I'm sorry if I have hurt you. I didn't meant to insult you..I just felt like you weren't listening to me.."

    "Milady... This is not just about hurting..." Faust felt distant...ever distancing. "We... Are very different in our mindsets."

    Diomy touched his cheek, "We are, but there is nothing wrong with that."

    "It is impossible that we cannot have disagreements. And that these points are...fundamental. We have bore fangs at each other like that, other times. I fear we will do so in the future as well." Faust could not help but lean into her caress, placing his hand upon hers.

    "So? I am here, talking with you. Of all the times we argued, have you not heard me apologize several times? Are we not friends? Haven't we made it this far? I chased after you when you ran out on arguments ... I chased! I never chase after men, but I chased after you!"

    "And why did you, after all this time?" Faust's eyes shone with ever increasing confusion and conflict.

    "Because... I love you, Lord Faust. You know I do. I have told you so on several occasions, but not quite as direct." Diomy's eyes were still locked on his, her hand still touching his cheek. "And why, I dont know, other than just knowing that I do. WHy should anyone have to have a reason to love at all?" Diomy blushed deeply.

    "My Lady that is...." Faust felt a warm sensation in his heart. Faust's stomach feltheavy, his throat itched and his mind was foggy..He desperately tried to make sense out of everythign... It felt true, but was it right? "My Lady that... That can't be. How are we to make it work? We argued over such small problem."

    Diomy replied, "Are we not friends?"

    Faust blushed in a way he had not done in several years. "It's not the same."

    "How? HOw is it not the same? We have already argued over so much stupid shit, that it was all superficial. So what, we fight, we talk, but I always ask you and listen, just as you ask and listen to me." Diomy's heart was pounding in her chest.

    "By staying with me like that, you embrace much of what Winterfell is about, my lady. This place, it's ways, they live in me."

    "Havent I done so thus far? Im still here, arent I? Starfall is a long way away, but I could have made the journey back if I had wanted to a very long time ago."

    Faust grabbed her by her shoulder's, bringing her closer. There was seriousness in it. "But how much can you stand?"

    Diomy felt her heart pound in her chest at Fausts touch, "Try me." Diomy raised up and kissed him; slowly at first, then harder and deeper. As she kissed him, her hands wrapped tightly around his neck.

    Faust's muscles stood at first. Thoughts, conflicts, judgements... Soon, none of those were important. Melted away in the newly reborn sentiment of mutual love and passion. There was no Faust or Diomy, no lords or lady, no Winterfell or Dorne. They were embraced in the universal culture of the passion between a man and a woman. Faust embraced Diomy's waist with a strong grip. Tightly bending his powerful fingers around her waist. Faust kissed her like a lover. His
    mind blank, his heart pounding. The ice, it seems, momentarily melted.
    That night, they knew each other. Making love for the first time was a dream to both of them.

    When fatigue finally caught up to them, they lay entwined, warm and happy, in each other's bosom. All was calm and perfect, until.... Diomy woke up.

    (to be continued)
    Lady Diomy Karvalius
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    House Karvalius RP Empty Thrusday and Friday- Diomy's Uncertainty

    Post by Lady Diomy Karvalius on Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:15 am

    Thursday and Friday are a small set of corresponding RPs between Lord Faust Karvalius and the then Diomy Yunsa, Winterfell Librarian, before she was wed to Lord Faust. Thursday and Friday are the days that pass when the corresponding RP takes place, serially. Watch their love bloom as the story passionately unfolds in a story-like form.

    *Previously* ******
    The ice, it seems, momentarily melted.
    That night, they knew each other. Making love for the first time was a dream to both of them.

    When fatigue finally caught up to them, they lay entwined, warm and happy, in each other's bosom. All was calm and perfect, until.... Diomy woke up.

    Diomy crept quietly out of bed, careful not to wake her sleeping love. For some reason she could not sleep. Fear had finally found its way into her mind, and seeped into her subconscious, like a pound cake soaking up poisoned rum. Instead of lying awake and staring at the rafters, she pulled on a nightgown and headed into the great hall to sit by the fire. She was careful to move silently through the manor, not wanting to disturb anything to preserve the peaceful moment and possibly keep the dark feelings in her heart at bay; Rejection. That was her biggest concern. What if Faust did not love her? What if he was just momentarily ablaze with feelings of ghostly love? When she had finally made it to the fire, she stood very close the open flames, watching it dance, seducing her mind temporarily from worry.

    Faust crept silently out of his room, glancing around the empty manor. No lights remained bright and no servant was awake. Even faithful Oswald had his fair share of sleep. Faust calculated that not much time had passed since he had fallen asleep. He looked around and saw light at the door to the great hall. A very dim light, probably from the fireplace, which only subtly showed up against the dark background of the pitch black scenery of the long night. Faust walked very quietly to the hallway and turned the corner, finding what he searched for. Faust stood there, silently, watching Diomy gaze at the fire. She didn't even flinch. His miss, his lover, his... Faust's thoughts stopped in that part, considering the events that past night would have in their lives. His wife. Faust quietly walked to Diomy, creeping on her from behind and tenderly embracing her around her waist. " Not sleepy, milady?" Faust asked in a hushed, whispered tone.

    Diomy melted into his arms, letting out a sigh, closing her eyes. "I... was not able to sleep. I did't want to disturb you with my insomnia. She turned to face her love, tenderly nuzzled his neck and replied almost in a trance, "I am happy you came to look for me. I was a little worried. I dont know whats with me sometimes."

    Faust took his lover in his arms, cradling her, shielding her from all the troubles and worries. "How would I not come looking for you? You were there and then you weren't anymore, that is a little suspicious." He smiled and rolled his eyes. "Most fortunate I have practice in dealing with suspicious elements." Faust playfully kissed her, stroking the back of her long white hair.

    Diomy chuckled and buried her face into his pearly bare chest, warm and comforting. Breathing in his scent lulled her into a state of peacefulness and love; citrus and sugary ginger. Pulling her head up, she once again fixed her gaze with Faust, and smiled. "Want to go back and sleep?"

    Faust snugly cradled his soon-to-be-wife in his arms and hugged her tight. He kissed the mouth, just below where powerful eyes stared at him. Such soft, tender, velvet like lips... mildly wet with saliva, slightly swollen with passion.
    Faust kept in his passionate, yet light and soft kiss upon the silk of her lips for a while, feeling her uneasiness fade away.
    "Yes..." He said in a whispered yet strong and firm tone. "Let us return to our chambers. Let us rest, m'lady. Only now am I really dominated by the clear feeling that you will, in fact, sleep."

    Diomy grinned as her heart fluttered with absolute happiness. For other words she was at a loss, so she shook her head in agreement as if a little girl possessed her body.
    She yawned and stretched with intense relief, finally whispering, "Lead the way my dear."

    Faust grabbed Diomy's hand in a very sentimental and tender way and slowly paced back into his room. Taking all the time of the world, no rush. He closed the heavy door behind them and locked it in with a key. Faust looked back at Diomy and caressed her cheek with one hand. "You have a brightness that only I can see."

    Diomy blushed and smiled. "You see much, it seems." Fidgeting for a moment she spoke suddenly, "I promise not to leave your side like that again. Sometimes fear gets the better of me when it comes to issues of the heart." She stole a small kiss upon his lips and walked around to the side of the bed, plopping herself down upon the feathery cloud.

    Faust smiled, amused, charmed, and in love. "I'm getting used to your... eccentricities... m'lady Diomy," he spoke as he crawled his way to the bed as well, "but I had hoped to have more of my future...wife... when I turned to the side of the bed, only to find it empy."

    Diomy rolled over on to Faust's chest, and smiled. "I was only gone for a moment, darling. Now I'm back, and ready to be with you." She kissed his chest, then bit him lightly.

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