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    Poisons and Mushrooms: Maester Emmerson, Vayon & Thresia

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    Poisons and Mushrooms: Maester Emmerson, Vayon & Thresia Empty Poisons and Mushrooms: Maester Emmerson, Vayon & Thresia

    Post by Lady Thresia on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:04 am

    [10:07 PM] Maester Emmerson stops outside of the door to catch his breath, he then takes his thick walking staff to knock on the door with it calling out "m'lady are ye awake?"

    [10:08 PM] Thresia rolls onto her back as she hears someone, and the maid opens the door to allow the Maester in...Thresia kept her eyes closed, she was very weak, and itchy from the all over rash.

    [10:11 PM] Maester Emmerson steps inside, bag in tow then places it o nthe small table near the door he shoos the maids off cranky as he was then lights his pipe taking a puff in then releasing it as he slides his glasses up his nose pulling out a piece of parchment, a quill and a bottle of ink he begins to scribble then looks to the maid "get the lass some water dear, hurry along will ye" he looks back to the lady laying in the bed and takes a few steps closer. He turns pulling sever bottles from the bag holding them up one at a time "m'lady this oil ye must rub on after a bath, twice a day morning and night. It will make ye rid of the rashes it will."

    [10:13 PM] Vayon Stark walks into his sisters room, to see how she was doing

    [10:13 PM] Maester Emmerson: M'lord.

    [10:14 PM] Vayon Stark "maester emmerson, how does she do"

    [10:14 PM] Thresia was assisted up to the big feather pillows.. her hair splayed about them... they white her hair black, her face blotchy and marked by terrible red dots, she nodded, as the maid ran to get water and set it on the table by the bed..Thresia moaned lightly.. the fare she had was not to her liking... and had little flavor.

    [10:16 PM] Maester Emmerson looks from the sister of lord Stark to the tall lord himself as he spoke holding the bottle out to him as well "this m'lord is some oil that should cure the rashes. She is to apply it twice a day only after she has bathed i made different scents since no one knew what her favorite scent was but the good news is it seems to be passing now i hope. "

    [10:17 PM] Thresia looks toward the Maester, she nodded unhappilly.. she was confined to the bed and she didn't like that much..she glanced over at her brother...a little smile curling her soft lips, as she reached out a small hand toward him..he was the light in her life right now, she would always be beautiful to him.. s he was terribly uptight, as she listened to the words of the maester...

    [10:17 PM] Vayon Stark nods
    [10:17 PM] Vayon Stark "good good"

    [10:18 PM] Maester Emmerson: we must keep her hydrated m'lord. But the good thing about inky cap is that as long as she does not panic and get an accelerated heart rate and keeps well hydrated the effect will pass quickly.

    [10:19 PM] Vayon Stark "how long till she can be up and riding again"
    [10:20 PM] Vayon Stark reaches over and takes his sisters tiny hand in his, comforting her

    [10:21 PM] Maester Emmerson licks his lips then raises the pipe to take another puff letting it out slow "m'lord, depending on what will happen possibly even tomorrow. It will depend on how she looks after her bath in the morning. I should tell you though, I found a crate of the inky caps m'lord inside of a crate labeled mushrooms so someone disguised them probably in hopes to point the finger at another. Where do ye get the mushrooms from?"
    [10:22 PM] Vayon Stark "various merchants, i will launch and investigation tomorrow"
    [10:26 PM] Maester Emmerson bows slightly then opens the bag fishing around inside again pulling out a bundle of nettle leaves in a jar "this m'lord is nettle leaves, she is to eat a leaf with her meals but there are some side effects to it and I must tell ye them as per my oaths, nothing too bad luckily m'lord but it will give her an upset stomach and may alter her moon cycles, it will also thin the blood and drop the blood pressure. This should help her get over the part of t his that is allergies to mushrooms though."
    [10:26 PM] Vayon Stark "and if this reacts poorly?"
    [10:30 PM] Maester Emmerson shakes his head pushing the glasses back up the bridge of his nose "in all me years m'lord I've not seen nettle leaves react badly once. just have to watch them and use them in small doses so maybe start with one leaf with her evening meals if she takes too many nettle leaves then there are risks associated with it but nothing I cannot counteract with other herbs. Each herb has good and bad to it m'lord it will heal some areas but other areas it will effect or harm in long term dosages"
    [10:30 PM] Vayon Stark smiles and nods "thank you Maester, you have been a blessing" smiles to his sister
    [10:32 PM] Maester Emmerson dips his head, the thick chain necklace spilling out from his cloak revealing the multicolored metals "but the lass will be stronger than an ox in no time long as she stays hydrated while the body fights off the toxins."
    [10:33 PM] Vayon Stark frowns "we dont need her that strong"
    [10:34 PM] Maester Emmerson laughs his usual wheezing laugh the transforms into a cough "there is an herb for that as well." He says it in a playful tone so as to not make them think he was serious "she's a beautiful lass m'lord, have ye found a right suitor for her?"
    [10:34 PM] Thresia giggled under the cover
    [10:35 PM] Pepe Sautereau frowns "she has had many, but all of them have failed to live up to the standards we set i am afraid"
    [10:36 PM] Maester Emmerson: then in my opinion m'lord. They were not right if they cannot meet standards given.
    [10:36 PM] Vayon Stark nods "my sister is very special, i do not just give her hand to anyone"
    [10:36 PM] Thresia had a tizzy under the covers, kicking them off her,as she huffed, and crossed her arms over her chest..she spoke out now, obviously uptight at this conversation.."The Baratheon...." She looked at both males... her dark brows quirking as she frowned.. she did not like where this discussion was leading...
    [10:38 PM] Maester Emmerson looks to the Lady Stark offering the best he could at this age "she reminds me of a woman from my childhood though I would not be surprised if that woman is many years dead with a large family, she was a daughter of Lord Blacktyde's."
    [10:39 PM] Vayon Stark laughs "the baratheon i have not seen in some time Thresia, calm down you will cause another reaction"
    [10:44 PM] Maester Emmerson: Lady Thresia, do ye feel better at all?
    [10:45 PM] Thresia nearly had a conniption as she looked from left and then to right, at either males.. she sighed, she was terribly up tight, and normally she would go riding in the woods alone at this point.. she yanked at the coverlet.. thrusting it off of her bare legs, it only made her itching worse, and the rash redder... she eyed the oils.. she supposed she might take a bath in a little while with the help of a maid, ... she looked at the Maester.."cold bath or warm, Maester?" She arched a dark brow, as she looked to him.."Nay I do not feel better, I cannot get up, I want to ride my mare and make sure she's seen to...I'm terribly up tight if that is not noticeable!" She scrunched up her brows and sat there..
    [10:46 PM] Vayon Stark chuckled "forgive her maester, she can be.... mmm... fiesty"
    [10:47 PM] Maester Emmerson laughs quietly "settle down m'lady, the bath teperature is whatever ye will be comfortable with. If it will make ye feel better I will ensure the mare is well taken care of for ye." He looks up "I'm used to it m'lord, the queen had told her husband she wanted me head when I was delivering the littlun"
    [10:49 PM] Vayon Stark laughs "her horse has been tended to, i swear she has that horse being treated better than i am, and i am the lord"
    [10:51 PM] Thresia narrowed her eyes at the Maester, then her Brother, knowing what he might say to her and probably threaten a spanking, her lips pursed angrilly, she tried to sooth herself.. then sudden broke down in tears as she felt again the rash on her poor face and how ugly it made her appear, and her body how swollen it was, she was unsoothable.. she turned on the bed and sobbed into the pillow...coughing as she cried.."someone.." hiccupping... as she cried, her pillow already wet with her anguish.."tried...tried ..." coughing and crying just the same..."tried to kill me..." she moaned into the pillow.
    [10:53 PM] Maester Emmerson: m'lady, do ye know whaht that means, that means someone sees ye as a threat. Ye look at the negatives but look ye survived the attempt, and with these oils I made ye'll be as beautiful as before, Lords will gather by the hundreds to ask yer hand" he nods knowing he had over-exaggerated but had been hoping to cheer her up
    [10:54 PM] Vayon Stark sits down on the bed next to his sister, rubbing her back in comfort "you survived thresia, now we will find the one behind this and hang him from our walls, you will be pretty as ever and i am sure they will come desiring you"
    [10:56 PM] Thresia coughed and sputtered.. her eyes narrowed, as she thought of hundreds of men coming for her...she just wanted one...feeling Vayons huge hand cradling her tiny one.. she looked, placing her hand in his wraping her fingers about his own as she brushed away the unshed tears.."You are sure Notte is well?" She arched her brow..
    [10:57 PM] Vayon Stark laughs "notte is being treated as a queen by my order"
    [10:59 PM] Maester Emmerson closes the bag and lifts it "if ye've no further need of me, I ought retire for the eve."
    [11:01 PM] Vayon Stark "maester, may i have a word with you out in the hall?"
    [11:02 PM] Maester Emmerson nods to the lord "surely."
    [11:02 PM] Thresia gave the Maester a small smile.."Thank you Maester, for all you have done for me, " looking to him gently, knowing he wished her healthy once more... the Maester of Castle Stark..then she looked to the glass of water..."was there something you wished me to drink, Maester?"
    [11:02 PM] Maester Emmerson: just water m'lady.
    [11:03 PM] Thresia: very well .. goodnight Maester
    [11:04 PM] Thresia decided that a bath would be nice in the morning, she curled on her side and fell asleep.

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